Borewell Drilling Rig

Borewell Drilling Rig

borewell drilling rig

Product Details

BZC600CDF Crawler Type Drilling Rig It is widely used in the geological general investigation and exploration, road, railway, port, bridge, water conservancy, tunnel and tall building basic exploration, kinds of hole in concrete structure, river, levees, subgrade grouting hole drilling and direct grouting, civil wells and earth central air conditioner, and etc.

Product Description:

Crawler Type Water Well Drilling Rig Small Water Well Drilling Rig
This machine can be applied to all kinds of stratum, used in well engineering, geothermal well, bolt hole, etc. It has the
advantages of hydraulic control of the whole machine, automatic loading and unloading of drill rods, crawler chassis,
high-horsepower diesel engine, four-angle hydraulic balance, and more powerful terrain application ability.
The advantages of FY water well drills:
1) Engine: adopts the famous brand Guangxi Yuchai 55Kw turbocharged version
2) Crawler Driving Gear: the designed motor with a speed reduction gearbox prolongs the service life
5) Drill chassis: the professional excavator chassis provides durability and strong load capacity, the wide roller chain plate causes small damage to the concrete pavement
6) Lifting force: patent designed composite arm with small size yet long stroke, double cylinder lifting, strong lifting
7) The lift arm is installed with a limiter to protect cylinder and ensure the safety of work
8) Each hydraulic tubing is covered with a protective shell to effectively extend the service life of pipeline.



Drill depth


Drill rod


Winch capacity

Main hook lifting capacity (kN)


Auxiliary hook lifting capacity(kN


Max- rope speed of main winch(m/min)


Max- rope speed of auxiliary winch(m/min)


Rotary table

Inner diameter (mm)


Rotate speed (rpm)







Rated load(t)


Drill tool



Drill rod(mm)


Mud pump

Displacement 1000L/min

Pressure 5Mpa

Diesel engine

Cummins 6BT5.9-C180


Transportation size

L*W*H (mm)


Main features:

1. It equipped the automatic hydraulic lifting drill tower, form the lift and drop tower is hydraulically operated, it is convenient and reliable, save time and reduce labour intensity;

2. The rig is equipped with crawler running gear and hydraulic cylinder pillar, the whole relocation convenient, easy to rig the level of adjustment;

3. The oil pressure to enter institutions, improve drilling efficiency;

4. Rig equipped with a cassette holding mechanism on the ball instead of a chuck, can be implemented without stopping the machine down lever, high efficiency, easy operation, safe and reliable;

5. With socket pressure gauge indicates pressure, easy to grasp the hole situation;

6. Diesel engine with electric start, reduce labor intensity;

7. Rig is easy for operation, with high performance, easy maintenance, less investment and quick.

8. With 4 high legs, it is very convenient for transportation without crane.

9. The mud pump can be mounted on the crawler, it can save cost and space.

Product Description

FYX-180 multifunctional crawler well drill is a new,highly-effective ,energy-saving and multifunctional hydraulic drill and it is specialized in drilling well ,monitoring well, geothermal air-conditioning hole,grouting hole of the hydropower cofferdam ,grouting hole for dyke seepage control and grouting hole for base enforcement ,surface mining ,anchorage .national defense project and other drilling operations;The drill rig is equipped with hydraulic motor rotation with a high power,propulsion and lifting of cylinder and down-hole impacter with high blast pressure,to realize high effectiveness of drilling footage and low energy consumption.


1, The engine using qianchai 55Kw turbocharged diesel engine;
2, Walking devices: walking motor with gear box, long working life;
3, The hydraulic pump: parallel gearbox design (patent) separate pump, the power to provide adequate distribution, unique hydraulic system design, maintenance is simple with lower costs;
4, The power head device: gearbox casting, double motor to provide power, large torque, durability, maintenance cost is lower;

5, Rig chassis: professional digging machine rubber chassis, durable, large bearing capacity, wide chain plate, which has no damage to the hard road;
6.The lifting force: patented design compound arm, arm in small size, long stroke, double cylinder upgrade, lifting with large tonnage;
7.Lifting arms of each rig are installed limiter to protect the cylinder safety cylinder and to protect the security of the work process;
8.Each of the hydraulic oil tube are wrapped with protective jacket, which make the oil tubes have a longer service time.201907081726586579529

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