Rotary Water Drilling Rig

Rotary Water Drilling Rig

BZCLY400XWYrotary water drilling rig is truck-mounted rotary drilling rig. The drilling rig adopts the chassis of SINOTUCK 8x4 special vehicle.

Product Details

Product introduction:

BZCLY400XWYrotary water drilling rig is truck-mounted rotary drilling rig. The drilling rig adopts the chassis of SINOTUCK 8x4 special vehicle.

Product parameters:


Drill depth

400 (m)

Drill rod


Winch capacity

Main hook lifting capacity (kN)


Auxiliary hook lifting capacity(kN


Max- rope speed of main winch(m/min)


Max- rope speed of auxiliary winch(m/min)


Rotary table

Inner diameter (mm)


Rotate speed (rpm)







Rated load(t)


Drill tool



Drill rod(mm)


Mud pump

Displacement 850L/min

Pressure 2Mpa

Displacement 600L/min

Pressure 3Mpa

Reverse circulation mud pump

6BS gravel pump+ 6 “ centrifugal pump

Transportation size

L*W*H (mm)




It is SINOTRUK 8X4 chassis special made rig.The diesel engine, double hydraulic winches,two types mud pump, rotary table, mast, kelly are all installed on the chassis. It equipped with generator set (MF) and shall provide convenience for night lighting or welding maintenance at the construction site . BZCLY400XWY drilling rig is a kind of direct and reverse circulation drilling rig. It can drill with drill pipe 89mm in mud or air compressor drilling ways, besides it can drill with reverse pump for piling for big hole. It is highly adaptable to the stratum structure and according to the local geological conditions, can be used for drilling in clay, sand, highly weathered rock, bedrock, basalt and other strata.

What is a water well rig?

Simply speaking, a water well drilling rig is a mechanical device that drills a water well and completes downhole pipe, well washing, etc., including power equipment and drill bits, drill pipes, core pipes, drill stands, and so on. The following is a brief introduction to the classification and working principle of water well drilling rigs and the correct use of water well drilling rigs. Water well drilling rig mechanism composition 1. Hydraulic oil pump: It is a double-type, large-displacement pump provides power for the power head. The small-displacement pump provides power for four-legged cylinders, landing mast cylinders, and afterburning/lifting cylinders. 2. Four legs: The small well drilling equipment consists of a hydraulic cylinder and a fixed frame. Adjust the level of the body at the job site


Measures for the use of the water well rig during the running-in period

1. The operator should receive training and guidance from the manufacturer, have a thorough understanding of the structure and performance of the rig, and obtain certain operation and maintenance experience before operating the machine. The product maintenance and repair instructions provided by the manufacturer are the necessary information for the operator to operate the equipment. Before operating the machine, be sure to read the maintenance instructions and operate and maintain according to the requirements of the manual.

2. Pay attention to the working load during the running-in period. The working load during the running-in period should not exceed 80% of the rated working load, and the appropriate workload should be arranged to prevent the overheating caused by the continuous operation of the machine for a long time.

3. Pay attention to the indications of each instrument frequently. If an abnormality occurs, it should be stopped in time to be excluded. If the cause is not found, the operation should be stopped before the fault is not eliminated.

4. Pay attention to check the position and quality of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil (water) frequently, and pay attention to check the sealing performance of the whole machine. During the inspection, it was found that the oil and water were too much, and the reason should be analyzed. At the same time, the lubrication of each lubrication point should be strengthened. It is recommended that the lubrication point be filled with grease for each shift during the running-in period (except for special requirements).

5. Keep the machine clean, adjust and tighten the loose parts in time to prevent the parts from being worn out or the parts being lost due to looseness.

Engineering case:

Our factory BZC150DF, BZC350CZ, BZC350ZY, BZC350CA and other different models are constructed in Yunnan, Xinjiang, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Shandong and other regions.

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