Truck Mounted Water Drilling Rig

Truck Mounted Water Drilling Rig

1.BZC600CDF truck mounted water drilling rig is truck-mounted rotary drilling rig. The drilling rig adopts the chassis of DONGFENG chassis 6X6 or 8x4 special vehicle.

Product Details

Product introduction:

1.BZC600CDF truck mounted water drilling rig is truck-mounted rotary drilling rig. The drilling rig adopts the chassis of DONGFENG chassis 6X6 or 8x4 special vehicle.

2.The diesel engine, double hydraulic winches,mud pump, rotary table,mast, kelly are all installed on the chassis.

3.It equipped with independent 132KW/2200rpm diesel engine for drilling and install generator set (MF) to provide night lighting or welding maintenance at the construction site .

4.According to the local geological conditions, BZC600CDF drilling rig can drill with mud , DTH hammer, air foam and hydro-hammer. It is highly adaptable to the stratum structure and can be used for drilling in clay, sand, highly weathered rock, bedrock, basalt and other strata.


Product parameters:


Drill depth


Drill rod


Winch capacity

Main hook lifting capacity (kN)


Auxiliary hook lifting capacity(kN


Max- rope speed of main winch(m/min)


Max- rope speed of auxiliary winch(m/min)


Rotary table

Inner diameter (mm)


Rotate speed (rpm)







Rated load(t)


Drill tool



Drill rod(mm)


Mud pump

Displacement 1000L/min

Pressure 5Mpa

Diesel engine

Cummins 6BT5.9-C180


Transportation size

L*W*H (mm)


Matters Attention

1. If the tools are locked in the hole, it must act the tools up an down. When the tools are loosed, and then lift the tools.

2. When complete the drilling, it must lift out the tools and put them to the safe place, it will prevent burying the tools.

3..Adjusted according to different strata of the viscosity of drilling mud, and select the appropriate bit or other drilling method used.

4. It is strictly prohibited to make the rig be in the long-term overloading situation.

5.Can not bump the screw thread of drill pipe when carry them, take protective measures. When use the dill pipe, please clean the screw thread and smear grease.

6. The compression device using the wire rope is used only mild pressure in the hard layer.(And the pressure is less than 1 ton) It must not be forced, otherwise the bored will easily tilt. So it is recommended to use drill collar to press.



1. Can it work with tricone bit?

Yes, it can. We can equip tricone bit as your size, and together with connector for drill bit and drill rod, for your convenient use.

2. Can it drill hard rocks? How fast?

First, the ground type can be soil, sand, gravel, hard rocks, mixed ground, etc. Second, if your ground is all large blocks of granite, limestone, we will suggest you use our other models, like BZC-series, which is air compressor feeding type, specially designed for complete blocks of hard rocks.

The drilling speed in soil and sand is 15~25m per hour.

The drilling speed in rocks is 6~8m

The drilling speed in hard rocks, like granite, is 1~2m per hour.

3. Can it be customized as crawler type?

Yes, sure. as following picture:

The legs are hydraulic type.

4. what kinds of drill bits can we use for BZC600BLBC water well drilling machine?

Three wing bit for open hole, or drill in soil, sand, and gravel.

Alloy bit is for soil, sand and very soft rock ground.

PDC bit is to drill soft rock and hard rock.

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