Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Equipment

Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Equipment

BZC400BDF ttruck mounted water well drilling equipment is designed by our engineers; it is adopt truck mounted and is a rotary drilling rig.

Product Details

Product introduction:

BZC400BDF ttruck mounted water well drilling equipment is designed by our engineers; it is adopt truck mounted and is a rotary drilling rig.


Product parameters:

Technical parameter

Drilling depth(M)


Opening diameter(mm)


Inner diameter of the rotary table(mm)


Speed of turntable(r/min)

117; 102; 60; 38; 22; 13; 16(reverse)

Torque of turntable(KN.m)


Single rope lifting capacity of main windlass(KN)


Maximum lifting capacity of main windlass(KN)


Single rope lifting capacity of assistant windlass(KN)


Maximum lifting capacity of assistant windlass(KN)


The lifting capacity of main hook(KN)


The lifting capacity of assistant hook(KN)


The effective height of drilling tower(mm)


The height of drilling tower (mm)


Drill pipe

Kelly bar(mm)


Assistant pipe (mm)


plunger pump

Diameter of cylinder (mm)


Stroke of piston (mm)


Theoretical flow (L / min)

500 600 700 850

Rated pressure (MPa)

7 6 5 4

Pounding times (min-1)

136 160 187 219

Diameter of suction tube (mm)


Diameter of drain pipe (mm)


Input speed (r / min)


Input power (kW)


Overall dimensions (mm)


Weight (t)


Truck chassis

Drive form




YC6A260-46 water cooled four stroke diesel engine

Rated power(KW/Hp)




Electric generator

Rated power (kW)


Rated voltage(v)


Speed (r/min)


Electric motor

Rated power (kW)


Rated voltage(v)


Speed (r/min)


The highest speed(Km/h)




Transport size(L*W*H)(mm)


Working size(L*W*H)(mm)



The truck chassis is adopt the 8×4 special chassis of brand DONGFENG TRUCK, the main transmit, transmission power, gearbox, sets of windlass, mud pump, sewage pump,mast are setup on the chassis.

This rig is a rotary drilling rig with directional circulation, which is equipped with BW850/4-80 mud pump. It adopts the slurry as the washing fluid, it can drill on clay, sand and rock if it is equipped with a good drilling bit.

The power of drilling rig comes from the truck engine; the rig sets up distribute implement and hydraulic system.

We can set up the spare electric engine and clutch implement according to client's requirement, so that the rig can work with diesel engine or electric engine.

We can set up a generator (30kw) , so that it is convenient to illuminate or work at night.

The adding pressure implement is hydraulic, so it has a high efficiency when the rig drill on mud rock and weathering formation through using the adding pressure implement.

The master driving of rig is mechanical, the four jacks and mast are hydraulic operated. Distribute box, sewage pump, master driving clutch system are air operated.

The appearance of rig is pretty. It has a high efficiency because of having a larger torque of the turntable, it is mainly used for water well, construction, national defense building foundation, geological exploration, geothermic well and other foundation working. It is popular with domestic and foreign clients.

Measures for the use of the water well rig during the running-in period:

Reduce load, pay attention to inspection, and strengthen lubrication. As long as the maintenance and maintenance of the construction machinery running-in period are emphasized and implemented as required, it will reduce the occurrence of early failures, prolong the service life, improve the operation efficiency, and bring you more economic benefits.

How to improve the production efficiency of hydraulic water drilling rigs?

1. After the drill bit of the hydraulic water well drilling rig is drilled into the structure, the center drilling tool needs to be replaced in time. First, you need to clean the bottom of the hole and then blow off the residue at the bottom of the hole. After the drill bit stops rotating, the drill bit in the hydraulic water well drilling rig is drilled. It is most suitable when the lifting force is slowly increased and the lifting force is just enough to lift the drill bit.

2. The drilling process summarizes the drill bits of the hydraulic water well rig. It is also necessary to pay close attention to the subsequent working conditions of the casing, to know the specific conditions of the drilling in time, to clean the drilling holes in time, and to drill the drill bit on the water drilling rig. Strong lifting is prohibited during this process.

3. There will be more residue at the bottom of the hydraulic well rig. The eccentric drill bit will be stuck by the slag and affect its collection and production. At this point, it is necessary to deliver compressed air and clean the holes again. And let the down-the-hole hammer work for a short time, the water well rig model, and then re-do the center drill lifting work.

Engineering case:

2019.4.6 Customer inspection trailer rig BZC400 drilling machine



On September 6th, 2016, Dongying’s manager brought foreign companies to the factory to inspect the vehicle water well drilling rig. According to the local construction site geological structure and drilling depth requirements, the customer finally selected our BZC300CA and BZC600 vehicle water well drilling rigs.

BZC is a truck-mounted water well drilling rig of our factory. It uses a special drilling vehicle chassis and is equipped with drilling components such as mud pumps, turntables and winches. Adapted to a variety of drilling processes, it can be drilled in soil layers, sand layers, bedrocks, etc. BZC vehicle drilling rigs are easy to operate, easy to move, low maintenance costs, and good drilling results, and are well received by domestic and foreign customers.

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