Water Well Bore Hole Well Drilling Machine

Water Well Bore Hole Well Drilling Machine

YT600 Water Well Drilling Rig, Engineering Drilling Rig

Product Details

Product introduction:

YT600 Water Well Drilling Rig, Engineering Drilling Rig



1. YT-600 water well drilling rig comes with one winch with large elevating capacity, allowing the drilling equipment to drill into either soil or hard rock layer.
2. This water well drilling rig is assembled and can be disassembled, which makes equipment transportation convenient and simple, without any terrain restriction.
3. The large modulus, hyperboloid rotary table ensures reliable water well rig operation, large torque and long service life.
4. The key parts like winch, rotary table and gearbox as well as drill tower, etc. are all manufactured in-house. This ensures the quality and timely component supply.
5. Other advantages of this engineering drilling rig include simple operation, convenient maintenance, low cost and high working efficiency, etc.

This drilling rig is ideal for use in the construction of high rise buildings, road and bridges, ports and dams as well as various deep water well, to name a few.

Product parameters:

Technical specifications

Drilling depth (m)



Borehole diameter (mm)



The diameter of the rotary table through-hole (mm)


Rotary table speed (r/min)

37; 57; 85

Rated output torque of the rotary table (KN.m)


Elevating capacity of the winch (single rope) (KN)


Bearing capacity of the water faucet (KN)


Matching power (KW)


Working status (mm)

A13, A15, A18 frames are available, upon request

Main machine weight (kg)


Binzhou Forging and Pressing Machinery Factory is a China water well drilling rig, engineering drilling rig manufacturer and supplier. We offer water well drilling rig, engineering drilling rig, and truck mounted drilling rig, hydraulic directional drilling rig, Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. Binzhou Forging and Pressing Machinery Factory is located in China, and the full chain of manufacturing rock drill bit, tricone bit, can be completed in China, even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. The more details of each product are shown on the page with description.

Care and maintenance

1 When the new rig run a month, it should change the lubricant in the transfer case and turntable. When the working temperature is below 0℃, add 10th mechanical oil; When the working temperature is more than 20℃, add 30th mechanical oil.

2 Check the lubrication of all the parts before operating the rig. The pump piston rod should be refueled 1-3 times every class , observe the oil level of the transfer case, gearbox and turntable.

3 Check the rolling bearing seals, if they are intact, abnormal sound, or fever.

4 If the rivets of brake ribbon wear and expose, The brake ribbon should be replaced immediately.

5 If the wire rope is broken, it must immediately replace the broken wire rope.

6 Adjusting the tap:

If the gasket ring wears and leak the air, it can adjust the screw nut to reduce the space, or change one new gasket ring.

7 The usage and maintenance of mud pump, electromotor or Diesel Engine see the instruction .

How to properly maintain a positive circulation rig

1. Avoid being affected by impurities;

2. Reduce various corrosive effects, such as rainwater, chemical substances in the air, etc., entering the machine through the external passages and gaps of mechanical parts, corroding the inside of mechanical parts, accelerating mechanical wear and increasing mechanical failure.

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