Africa Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig Driller

Africa Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig Driller

BZCY600CHW water well drilling machines is truck-mounted rotary drilling rig. The drilling rig adopts the chassis of SINOTRUK 8x4 special vehicle.

Product Details

Product introduction:

BZCY600CHW water well drilling machines is truck-mounted rotary drilling rig. The drilling rig adopts the chassis of SINOTRUK 8x4 special vehicle.

Product parameters:


Drill depth


Drill rod

89mm (3-1/2”)

Winch capacity

Main hook lifting capacity (kN)


Tool winch lifting capacity(kN)


Max- rope speed of main winch(m/min)


Max- rope speed of tool winch(m/min)


Hydraulic cylinder

Lifting capacity(20Mpa)(kN)


Feeding capacity(10Mpa)(kN)


Rotary table

Inner diameter (mm)


Rotate speed (rpm)







Rated load(t)


Drill tool



Drill rod(mm)


Mud pump


Pressure 5 Mpa

Diesel engine

Cummins 6BT5.9-C180


Transportation size

长L)*(W)*(H) (mm)




The swivel is the equipment of rotary system, and it is also a component of the water cycle system. It is under the swimming pulley, and it is connected with the high-pressure hose and main drill pipe/kelly. The V-shape seal ring and the core tube are the wearing parts. When the rig is working, it is usually to check the swivel, see if it works well. If it leaks mud, adjust the locking nut on the tap. If it can not be resolved, The V-shape seal ring and core pipe should be replaced.


1, The engine using turbocharged diesel engine;

2, Walking devices: walking motor with gear box, long working life;

3, The hydraulic pump: United States PERMCO hydraulic pump can meet the requirements of the hydraulic system for the working flow of the drilling rig. The working pressure is high, which can meet the requirements of the heavy load working of the rig and has a long service life;

4, The power head device: gearbox casting, double motor to provide power, large torque, durability, maintenance cost is lower;

5, Rig chassis: professional digging machine chassis, durable, large bearing capacity, wide chain plate, which has small damage to the hard road;

6, The lifting force: patented design compound arm, arm in small size, long stroke, double-cylinder upgrade, lifting with large tonnage;

7, Lifting arms of each rig are installed limiter to protect the cylinder safety cylinder and to protect the security of the work process;

8, Each of the hydraulic oil tube are wrapped with protective jacket, which make the oil tubes have a longer service time.

How to choose a suitable machine?

1. What will you do using drilling rig?

---For water project, core sample, soil test, mineral prospect or others?

2. The depth you need?

---For water well, generally, 30-200m. For core sample, 30-600m, even more.

3. Any requirements to hole diameter?

---Within a certain range, the smaller diameter, the deeper depth. Mathematically, we call it inversely proportional.

4. Working land condition?

A. soil, sand, weathered land, etc. soft stratum.

B. soil, sand, soft and hard rock stratum, mixed one.

C. Mainly hard rock, like granite.

Based on the above information, experienced engineers will help you recommend suitable machine. If you have special demands, please tell us in advance.

Defy Service:

1.Professional technical support pre-sale, sale and after-sale .

2.Your problems can get feedback in 8 hours and be solved in 24 hours.

3.Machine can be customized as per your requirement.

4.One year quality warranty.

5.Training: operation manual and DVD operation video, overseas installation is also available.

6.Spare parts are available in our factory at cost price for former customers.


1.Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are a professional rotary drilling rig manufacturer.

2.Q: What does your company produce?

A: The main products of our company include rotary drilling rig.

3.Q: How about your delivery time?

A: Normally the delivery time is about 7-15 days. For some specialcase, we can make it within 2 weeks, it depends on different products.

4.Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: We accept T/T

5.Q: Do you offer any deals or discounts?

A: Yes, price depends on different quantity, different quantity will give you different price.


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