Application and development of three drilling technologies in recent years

- May 22, 2019-

       The application and development of the three drilling technologies in recent years, the three drilling technology has been an important development and wide application, the first is horizontal well drilling technology, the second is the under-balanced drilling technology, the third is deep well drilling technology.

       The application of three technologies has achieved remarkable results, in recent years, the application and development of three drilling rig equipment, led to the rise of a number of industries, led to the renewal of ideas. The first is to bring about a change in the overall concept, highlighted in the exploration, development and economic growth mode.

       At present, China from the original two or three years to play a super-deep well, drilling machine development to now, due to the application of gas drilling technology, a year can hit two ultra-deep wells, producing huge economic benefits. The second is to bring a comprehensive update of the equipment.

    At present, from drilling rigs to drilling rigs all accessories, as well as underground tools, have been comprehensively updated, and really towards the direction of scientific drilling direction. In recent years, the application and development of three drilling rig equipment has brought about a comprehensive update of the drilling process.

       For example, gas drilling, pressure-controlled drilling, deep well ultra-deep well technology, especially special process drilling technology is very interesting, such as directional wells, horizontal wells, clumpwells, large displacement wells, complex structural wells and under-balanced drilling. At present, the large-scale application of these three major drilling technology, promote the deep-seated development of drilling technology, in the use of drilling rigs, drilling total, drilling team year-round, drilling total into the foot and mechanical drilling speed, especially on the deep well speed increase, have created a new record.