Bit selection and use

- Nov 07, 2019-

Small trailer drill bit has a pivotal role in the process of water well drilling rig drilling, a bit of good or bad will directly affect the water well drilling efficiency and the quality of the hole and so on, so we need to pay attention to the selection of drill bit and use. In the process of drilling, the operator should pay attention to the drilling bit usage, let bit better production operation. Bit in the water well drilling rig need to pay attention to several aspects: 1, the structure of the water well drilling rig drill in drilling, need timely replacement center drill, first of all need to clean the bottom of the hole, then the residue in the bottom of the bore to blow clean, stay after bit stop rotating, put in the water well drilling rig drilling tools to slowly lift, when the size of the lifting force just can carry tool is appropriate. 2, water well drilling rig drill in drilling process, also need to carefully observe the trailer rig brand casing follow-up situation, timely understanding of the specific conditions of the hole, the necessary and timely to keep the hole cleaning, and water well drilling rig drill in drilling process of strong pulling is prohibited. 3, the water well drill hole bottom sometimes have more residual slag, eccentric bit rotary part will be to consolidate slag jammed, in turn, affects the production, this is where the transmission of compressed air, back to the hole cleaning, and make the DTH hammer work for a short time, then improve operations in the center of the new drilling tools.

Anchor drilling machine is designed for water conservancy, traffic engineering, building materials, construction site of a new type of efficient drilling equipment, widely used similar type management, water conservancy, road construction, and all kinds of open-pit mine, geophysical exploration of engineering of rock drilling anchor hole or holes. Jumbolter used in foundation engineering construction, and can complete anchor construction, powder, mortar and all kinds of engineering exploration hole, micro pile hole drilling, and can realize the spiral dive hammer and scraper drilling. Hydraulic rotary spray drill for full hydraulic pressure drive, power head type drill, trailer rig brand is suitable for vertical or inclined drilling and spray, spray, jet grouting pile construction equipment. Applicable to the soil, sand, sand gravel of quaternary overburden high irrigation plasma operation. According to the special requirements of users, research, design, production of special purpose and requirement of equipment and machinery. Impact drill can meet different geological situation, the impact drill is a kind of important drilling filling pile foundation construction of machinery. Hebei trailer rig especially pebble layer in drilling, impact drill adaptability compared with other type of rig. At the same time, use the impact drill hole, hole, hole wall form a layer of compacted soil around, the stability of hole wall, anchorage drill improve the bearing capacity of pile foundation, have certain effect.

BINZUAN drilling RIGS drilling in various hydraulic components in the assembly when must pay attention to keep clean, the precise matching surface may not stick any pollution. When wiping, the application of clean cotton yarn, can not use broken yarn, cotton rags and dirty. Using the new tubing before assembly, must clean with kerosene and compressed air blowing off. Rubber seal assembly 0 form, should pay attention to not make it to the surface was bad, in order to smoothly into the mating hole, can be coated with a little oil. The end face seal of each joint, must be correctly placed in seal groove, shall not be offset to the outside. When installation, pay attention to the adjustment of rolling bearing, and may not be too tight or too loose. Shoulder and gland ask there shall not be too much gap. Small trailer rig vertical axle box two gland of the gasket, the assembly must be put back to the original position, and shall not be adjusted up and down, so as not to affect the bevel gear meshing precision. Lightly oil pump spline shaft should be able to push the clutch and oil pump drive gear shaft hole. Preventive maintenance, or delicate damaged parts must be replaced. After installation, must pass a factory or full-time personnel inspection and replacement between formally deliver the production are allowed to use.