Drill appeared sticking, we can be solved by the following two methods

- Nov 13, 2019-

Traction type drill is sticking, we can be solved by the following two methods: salvage drilling method to solve the sticking problem: this kind of method is commonly used, including operation method is very much also, there are mainly tap shale salvage, reaming and advantage through hole, etc. Using these methods is the premise of repeated drilling and vigorously carry a drill implementation solution. Because once the salvage method for diamond drill hole must produce damage, especially expanding the salvage, sometimes even the whole tool including diamond bit grinding crushed. Torque and casing milling method to solve the sticking problem: torque and tap salvage way similar, but this kind of method commonly used in oil and gas drilling process, because of its thickness and quality is far higher than the drill geological drilling, therefore the taper tap cannot meet its torque of ascension. Buckle the traction type drill tool management and calculation is very important, especially is fastening tool with the buckle under the alternate use of drilling tools, more should be careful, otherwise, because the tool is not clear or wrong calculation, can contribute to the well drilling tools error, affect the processing of the accident.

Water well drilling rig are mechanical products, the power is the primary factor, the stand or fall of tianjin traction type drill is an engine directly affect its life. China imported engines and engine both in performance and in the above price has a larger gap, so to compare is the configuration of the engine, the influence of various index of the water well drilling rig is big. Then there is water well drilling rig work underwater, it gives the user experience is also very important. My company production of water well drilling rig in order to use the needs of different stratum drilling, further enhance the drilling efficiency, aquatic products are multi-purpose drilling rig and hydraulic transmission and the direction of operation; When the traction type can reach a drill rig equipped with a variety of equipment and accessories, can use impingement, rotary and DTH hammer drilling a variety of ways; Also can use mud washing well, compressed air wash well and is, reverse circulation washing well, etc.

Drill has the difference between positive and negative circulation, in use are circulating drilling rig, there are some problems needs attention, small make up for the six problems about together with everybody. Use positive cycle of rig note: host and winding to regularly check the oil level, if the lack of oil should be added in a timely manner. Tianjin traction type drill work, should be ready to monitor electrical instruments, have abnormal sound, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, not to work, in spite of all the fasteners check to prevent loosening. Drilling speed should vary according to stratum situation, control host electric hydraulic drilling slowly in rated range. Hydraulic lever to slow, quick operation, if the crawler traction type drill is too fast will damage the components and operation risk. Operators should always check whether oil leak, be careful not to hang, tubing pressure, so as not to damage the influence the work. If is circulation drill for a long time stop, should will withdraw the or oil cylinder a cloth.