drilling rig hand

- Nov 18, 2019-

Consider construction engineering drilling machine of the use of load and engineering geological conditions, and bearing layer of pile foundation design in base rock,mprove the bearing capacity of single pile, and also can be equipped with a variety of specifications of bit, drilling pattern in this series, is suitable for gravel, cementation and gravel and rock-socketed complex foundation engineering construction, widely used in bridge bored piles, underground continuous wall foundation engineering.Oil shock water well drilling rig is also put forward higher request to the pile foundation construction, the rotary drilling rig construction cost is high, and can't meet the gravel and boulders, stone, rock, construction difficulty is big, easy to slumping hole, under the condition of the mid - 1990 - s pile machine factory in order to meet the market requirements, are used in eggs, gravel layer construction drill into, due to the impact is bigger, easy to slumping hole filling coefficient is larger, impact drilling pattern in water well drilling rig manufacturer developed meet the requirements of pile foundation engineering construction.

Water well drilling rig for construction, the need to constantly for drilling, kept running work will need to have a stable production platform, so as to ensure the stability of the water well drilling rig production.Oil shock the choice of water well drilling rig foundation is particularly important to note the following respects: the base tank of water well drilling rig should be in accordance with the stability of slope excavation, especially easy to collapse formation must dig into ladder shape, to ensure the formation of stable production.Water well drilling rig of shaft sinking, need to keep running smoothly and as far as possible to prevent the occurrence of inclined shaft etc. Phenomenon, found the problem in a timely manner to correct. Drainage method of drilling, water well drilling rig to impact water well drilling rig manufacturer to tell you the open caisson water level should be decreased, with shaft sinking in general need to control in the excavation face below 0.5 1 m or so.Water well drilling rig suppling to drainage after operation, which is used to test the water well drilling rig production quality, need to do a big drop deep pumping, the stability of the need to keep the water level 8 hours or so, mainly to do so in order to ensure the well water level and discharge.

1. Pay attention to the work load period oil shock well drill rig, the running-in period of the work load is generally not more than 80% of the rated load, and to arrange a suitable work, to prevent overheating phenomenon caused by the machine long time continuous operation. 2. Pay attention to always observe the instructions in the instrument, abnormal, should be ruled out, to stop the reason was not found, the fault before has not been ruled out, should stop work. In short, the engineering drilling machine of use and maintenance requirements during the running-in period, can be summarized as: to strengthen training, lighten the load, note to check, strengthen the lubrication. As long as pay attention to and implemented according to the requirement of engineering machinery maintenance and the maintenance period, will reduce the occurrence of early failure, shandong impact water well drill prolong service life, improve the working efficiency, make the machine to bring you more benefits.