drilling rig hoisting system

- Nov 18, 2019-

Water well drilling rig track maintenance: soft soil, easy adherent dirt track and track link, so the crawler to adjust a bit loose some, in order to prevent due to soil adhesion on the abnormal stress on the track link. When construction sites all over the pebbles, caterpillar also asked a bit loose some, so, water well drilling rig oil shock, when walking on the pebble can avoid crawler plate bending. Strong and flat on the ground, turn the treads a bit tight. Crawler tensioning degree adjustment: if the crawler too tight, walking speed and walking power decline phenomenon. This will not only led to a decline in the efficiency, but due to the large pin and bushing was imposed on the friction caused by abnormal wear and tear. On the contrary, if the crawler too loose, caterpillar loosely draped over the driving wheel and sprocket, wear or damage. Impact and water well drilling rig manufacturer when hang loose track is too large, contact with the rack rack and injury may occur. In this way, even if is to strengthen the lower part of the body, if not properly adjusted, can also lead to accidental failures occur.

Shandong impact water well drill technology reasons: poor condition of technical equipment used, such as: drill poor stability, gyrator bearing such as clearance; When engine power is insufficient, overload work unstable; Reciprocating pump water and uneven pressure, flushing fluid pulsation. Based on the strength of the drilling rig foundation is not enough and drill in installation fixed not firm; Structural design is unreasonable, drilling pipe, the diameter of the tube with aperture is not reasonable. Thick diameter drill without joint stability; Using the bent pipe and tube; Impact of water well drilling rig manufacturer or blunt to the use of the normal wear of the drill (diamond fracture, labial ministry eccentric wear, oval bit wear, etc.); The selecting of drilling program parameters and the nature of the rock drill is not adapt. Blind pressure and increase the drilling rate; Drill pipe lock joint different heart; Drill pipe because of reasons of manufacturing or in the process of using uneven wear (especially used in curved hole), cause uneven wall thickness and ovality, drill pipe caused by different heart, rotary imbalance; Active drill pipe bending, super-long, eccentric in vertical shaft; Drilling bent; The use of heavy lift water connector and send the pipe; There are residual core or other metal objects at the bottom of the bore.

Water well drilling rig for construction, the need to constantly for drilling, kept running work will need to have a stable production platform, so as to ensure the stability of the water well drilling rig production.Oil shock the choice of water well drilling rig foundation is particularly important to note the following respects: the base tank of water well drilling rig should be in accordance with the stability of slope excavation, especially easy to collapse formation must dig into ladder shape, to ensure the formation of stable production.Water well drilling rig of shaft sinking, need to keep running smoothly and as far as possible to prevent the occurrence of inclined shaft etc. Phenomenon, found the problem in a timely manner to correct. Drainage method of drilling, water well drilling rig to impact water well drilling rig manufacturer to tell you the open caisson water level should be decreased, with shaft sinking in general need to control in the excavation face below 0.5 1 m or so.Water well drilling rig suppling to drainage after operation, which is used to test the water well drilling rig production quality, need to do a big drop deep pumping, the stability of the need to keep the water level 8 hours or so, mainly to do so in order to ensure the well water level and discharge.