DTH drill bit selection is in when they need to pay attention to the following points

- Nov 19, 2019-

Knife and your job, work to prepare everything before again good mechanical also should choose good match, otherwise do not due effect. DTH drill in choosing a bit when they need to pay attention to the following: : bigger than work hard rock drilling. Shandong water well rig every column teeth and bit lines under great load. Require the bit body and column gear has higher strength. The second: in relatively good soft rock drillability when drilling in the drilling speed is relatively larger discharge choose three or four airfoils airfoils. Third: in the joint development of broken when drilling to reduce the deviation. Choose better oriented or projection model bit depressed tubulovillous adenoma in the middle. Fourth: in the clay rock drill hole in the middle row of slag is often blocked side discharge bit selection. Fifth: oil and water well rig drilling in toughness good rock wedge tooth bit. Open-air DTH drilling rig can be divided into dry type DTH drill and wet DTH drill two kinds, dry dedusting is directly on the gas mixture of dust separation and capture of flotation equipment. Without water, but the dust removal effect is poorer, complex equipment is very big.

1, the inside hole drilling tools, in addition to the action of programs need to be in accordance with the relevant provisions, do not allow the gyrator inversion. 2, gyrator inversion of removing drill pipe, oil cylinder to reserve shackle, so as not to damage the drill pipe thread. 3, shandong water well rig work process, should always pay attention to the change in the moving parts. Bearings, gears, oil pump and oil motor, motor temperature rise shall not exceed 45 degrees, the temperature of the fuel tank oil outlet place must not exceed 60 degrees, otherwise should stop check and processing. 4, observe the pump station oil pressure gauge, found that the oil return pressure exceeds 0.35 should be replaced downtime or cleaning filters. 5, drill work, pay attention to the hydraulic system components, rubber hose and pipe joint leakage, if any fault should be handled in time. 6, drill work, except for oil and water well rig load changes caused by the oil pressure and speed of rotation and propulsion of the corresponding change, the system pressure suddenly lift caused by rotation, advancing speed changes significantly, should immediately stop, find out why. Treatment failure. 7, when the drill is stop working, all handlers in the place should be in place.

Water well drilling is influenced by the weather is more serious, especially in cold winter, low temperature increased the difficulty of the drilling work, then use the drill in low temperature environment need to pay attention to what issues? Drill is supported to take advantage of the triangle, to guarantee support is firm and reliable, construction personnel regularly check the support part, found hidden danger in time. Oil and water well rig under the condition of the low temperature must be carefully monitoring reliability. Claim to the site, site to level off, the road to clear; Because in the low temperature environment, the land will become stiff, so make sure this point. Pay attention to fire prevention, fire fighting equipment configuration is reasonable, conform to the requirements of the fire. Also cannot ignore the fire protection problems in low temperature environment, due to the low temperature, heat preservation measures of employees to do, so as to guarantee the drilling workers to be able to maintain good working condition. How much is the water well rig with low temperature for water well drilling rig work will bring certain influence, water well drilling rig manufacturer to remind everybody, pay attention to the insulation, pay attention to safety. That is water well drilling in low temperature work note, hope to be of help.