Explain the advantages and disadvantages of impact well drilling rigs in detail

- May 24, 2019-

       Well drilling rig production line has a type called impact well drilling rig, impact well drilling rig in production, relying on the vertical back-and-forth operation of drilling tools, so that the drill bit impact the bottom of the well and the crushing rock layer as the goal of the operation. Impact well drilling rig's structure is also very simple, the internal does not have a circular well washing system, and the clear rock debris and well drilling rig work can not be together, so there is a low production efficiency phenomenon. Impact well drilling rig for well construction, drilling rig is mainly used in two ways, respectively, grasping cone and wire rope impact drilling rig, now impact well drilling rig depth is generally 250m shallow, and the price is relatively low, the structure work is also relatively simple, suitable for the construction of the pebble layer, but also the most mature technology in the well drilling rig.

       The most long-term development of the model. Impact well drilling rig production mode, because the steel rope impact drilling efficiency is relatively low, the protection capacity of aquifer is relatively fragile, it is difficult to meet the requirements of modern well drilling rig process development, especially large well drilling rig technology, so relatively slow development, but its low cost, production process is more mature, In the individual well-drilling households and township well-drilling team above still has a certain market share.