How to change bit will not delay the normal progress of engineering

- Nov 12, 2019-

In order to speed up the whole well drilling speed, must be timely replaced the old drill, and drill bit is in the hundreds of meters to thousands meters underground, how to change the bit drilling workers not delay the normal progress of projects? Drilling, the impact of water well drilling rig in gansu power driven turntable, kelly, drill pipe and drill bit rotation, through the drill the instrument to examine the working conditions of downhole drill, in the air after comprehensive discriminant, if thought has been bit wear, stop immediately change the drill bit. Suspended after drilling, drilling fluid circulation should continue to maintain a period of time, the purpose is to adjust the performance of the drilling fluid, and the suspended debris out of the air in the drilling fluid circulation make new shaft sidewall stability, but also to the drilling machine stop routine check. Drilling workers used on the derrick crane, traveling block and hook, according to the height of the derrick according to post all out from borehole drilling tools. After pulling out the drill pipe column according to the initial discharge within the derrick, engineering impact water well drill in downhole drilling string is put forward at the same time, from time to time to the annular space perfusion drilling fluid in drilling pump, the purpose is to stay within the wellbore liquid level height is not landed, enable the pressure inside the wellbore to balance formation pressure, to avoid the hole collapse or underground strata of fluids into the wellbore.

Consider construction engineering drilling machine of the use of the load and the bearing layer of the pile foundation of the engineering geological conditions, and the design on the base rock, improve the bearing capacity of single pile, can also be equipped with a variety of specifications bit, drilling pattern in this series, is suitable for gravel, cementation and gravel and rock-socketed complex foundation engineering construction, widely used in bridge bored piles, underground continuous wall foundation engineering. Engineering impact water well drill is also put forward higher request to the pile foundation construction, the rotary drilling rig construction cost is high, and can't meet the gravel and boulders, stone, rock, construction difficulty is big, easy to slumping hole, under the condition of the mid - 1990 - s pile machine factory in order to meet the market requirements, are used in eggs, gravel layer construction drill into, due to the impact is bigger, easy to slumping hole filling coefficient is larger, impact drilling pattern in water well drilling rig manufacturer developed meet the requirements of pile foundation engineering construction.

Knife and your job, work to prepare everything before again good mechanical also should choose good match, otherwise do not due effect. DTH drill in choosing a bit when they need to pay attention to the following: : bigger than work hard rock drilling. Gansu impact water well drill every column teeth and bit lines under great load. Require the bit body and column gear has higher strength. The second: in relatively good soft rock drillability when drilling in the drilling speed is relatively larger discharge choose three or four airfoils airfoils. Third: in the joint development of broken when drilling to reduce the deviation. Choose better oriented or projection model bit depressed tubulovillous adenoma in the middle. Fourth: in the clay rock drill hole in the middle row of slag is often blocked side discharge bit selection. Fifth: engineering impact water well drill in toughness good rock drilling wedge tooth bit. Open-air DTH drilling rig can be divided into dry type DTH drill and wet DTH drill two kinds, dry dedusting is directly on the gas mixture of dust separation and capture of flotation equipment. Without water, but the dust removal effect is poorer, complex equipment is very big.