How to choose the right well drill according to the terrain

- Jun 06, 2019-

Drilling is the use of mechanical equipment, in the formation to drill a certain attempt of the hole of the project.

    It can be divided into drill technology and rotary drilling technology according to rock crushing mode and drilling tool type. (1) Select suitable well type: the well type of water well is divided into: deep well, large well, counterpart pumping well (yang well) and small diameter pipe well. In areas where deep groundwater is abundant, deep wells are suitable for drilling wells.

    Shallow groundwater is more abundant areas, suitable for drilling large wells, counterpart pumping or small-calibre pipe wells. (2) Reasonable well layout: the position layout of the wellholes should be reasonably laid out according to the actual hydrogeological conditions in the area, and no hydrogeological data can refer to the existing water wells nearby as the basis for the arrangement of the wells.

    In areas where shallow groundwater is not abundant, shallow wells must not be blindly drilled, and in areas where shallow groundwater is abundant, shallow wells are suitable for farmers to build themselves, but the well arrangement cannot be too dense, so as not to cause mutual influence between adjacent water wells. (iii) Configure suitable pumps: after the well should be in accordance with the construction drainage situation when drilling, the dynamic water level of the well and the corresponding water flow, and then according to the high difference between the ground to the moving water level and the irrigation method you use, the need for the pump work to determine the total head of the pump, the flow of the pump is not allowed to exceed the flow of the well, By the above two conditions, purchase the corresponding pumps.