How to extend the life and daily maintenance of well drilling rigs

- May 19, 2019-

       How can we make well rigs last longer?

       This requires us to pay attention to careful maintenance of the machine in the course of daily use, then what aspects of daily care should we pay attention to? The structure of the well drill rig must first be checked, especially before use, to check the integrity of parts and components, qualified before being put into use.

       During use, check various power head cylinders and other places regularly to ensure that they work properly. The inspection of the electrical system should also be done on a regular basis, as well as the rig's sheave system and walking system. To the equipment every medical examination to do better maintenance records, each replacement parts should also be recorded.

       If you find a problem, you must stop the job so as not to cause unnecessary damage. In the use of some should also pay attention to the method of operation, parts of the lubrication to pay attention to the appropriate application of lubricants. When the surface of the surface in the water, the opening should use a large diameter brazing head, insert the drill pipe, so that the drill pipe out of the water 1-2 meters, to prevent mud and rock residue into the hole blockage. Drilling rig drilling work can not be reversed, so as to prevent the drill pipe into the hole.

       At the end of each shift, the surface of the engineering drilling rig shall be promptly cleaned, except for normal handling, is strictly prohibited in the work surface removal. As long as good maintenance and correct use, you can increase the life of the well drilling rig.