Introduction to the structure of well drilling rigs

- Jun 02, 2019-

1, hydraulic oil pump: for the double-paired, large displacement pump for the power head to provide power, small displacement pump for four leg cylinders, landing mast cylinders, force / lift carriage cylinder steaming to provide power.

2, four legs: small well drilling equipment by hydraulic cylinders and fixed frame scaffolding.The level of the body can be adjusted at the work site, and it can play the role of supporting and stabilizing the body. 

3, mast: for the giant steel pipe, groove steel and angle steel combination welding frame structure, with the inner groove of the two sides of the groove steel as the power of the lower running track, to ensure the verticality of the drilling.The startandandandof of the well mast is completed by a liquid cylinder.

4, power head: the use of gear gear gear box body, its low-speed shaft in the middle of a large hole of the spindle, the upper mouth of the spindle shaft can be connected with the glue interface of the solidified filling equipment, the lower part of the spindle through the flange plate to connect the drill pipe, drill. The high-speed shaft is driven by a large torque hydraulic motor. ...