Play water well drill bit card solutions

- Nov 08, 2019-

Play water well drill bit card solution: repeatedly mention drilling method to solve the sticking problem: repeatedly mention drill shall be defined as areas in stuck through repeated drilling operations to drill, drill and through the stuck points. After in determining the diamond bit is card parts, by controlling the lifting system of drilling rig, using the lift turn, slow down, and a series of irregular frequently repeated operation, this kind of operation method to solve the general slight sticking, and tensile strength of the drill cannot too much, to prevent drilling tools are stuck close to drill down. Give a drilling method to solve the sticking problem: the slight lift tool cannot escape stuck place, can try to use a larger torque to tyra was stuck drill. Water well drilling rig in a lift before factory to determine the system of pulling cable can withstand the, if the load is no need to change the cable of the coarser. In practice should also cooperate with jack or pipe external lifting equipment, etc. This kind of method is suitable for processing without bending, drilling drilling, drilling bending if forced to drill is easy to cause fracture diamond drill.

Because of the water well drilling rig is a special vehicle, the operating personnel should receive training and guidance from the manufacturer, have full knowledge of the structure of the machine, performance, and get some experience before operating the machine for operation and maintenance. With the: "peration &maintenance manual of manufacturers to provide products, are the essential data of operating equipment, operator before operating the machine, be sure to read the instruction in operation and maintenance, according to the specification requirements for operation and maintenance. 2. Pay attention to regularly check the oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid, and fuel oil (water) and quality, and pay attention to check the sealing of the engine. Examination found that oil and water without too much, cause should be analyzed. At the same time, should strengthen all lubricating points lubrication, suggest in the running-in period, per shift to inject grease lubrication points (except special requirement). 3. Keep the machine clean water well drilling rig factory, timely adjustment, tighten loose parts, to prevent the wear of Shandong binzhou forging machinery factory production of various models of drill, drill accessories and all kinds of drilling tools to play water well drilling rig, etc. Series of products, in geology, hydrology, metallurgical, coal and other drilling prospecting industry has set a good brand image. You a phone call will be the start of our successful cooperation. Introduces for you below the drill in the use of the maintenance of common sense and play water well drilling rig after the factory. In front of the rig construction, must be made to drill on maintenance work of the following several aspects: check the oil tank, oil is normal enough; Check the amount of speed reducer gear oil is enough, the oil is normal; Check for oil leakage fault; Check the main, vice wire rope broken wires and their connections is safe and reliable, in good condition, pressure line is strength enough; Check whether be introduced implement flexible rotation, the internal butter is pollution; Check whether there is any crack, corrosion on steel structure parts, welding and other damage, and repair; Tighten bolts loose hose,; According to the rotating drill and drill pipe easy use and maintenance manual "require inspection and maintenance of drill pipe.