Production characteristics and process requirements of well drilling rigs

- May 23, 2019-

Well drilling rig relative to solid deposit core drilling rig, oil drilling rig, with the following advantages to meet production needs:

  1, well drilling rig drilling depth is small, its general production drilling depth between tens of meters to 100 meters, and the special more than kilometer, so the general well drilling rig is more suitable for small and medium-sized drilling production.

  2, well drilling rig drilling diameter is larger, the production diameter between 150mm-800mm, because the production caliber of the well drilling rig is larger, it will produce more rock debris in the production process, so you can use the positive cycle drilling method, the use of large displacement of flushing fluid will remove rock chips from the drilling. 3, well drilling rig for drilling angle also has certain requirements, the general production angle needs vertical.

  Therefore, the drilling rig needs to install water pumps, the lower part needs to install filters, so the drilling within 100m is not more than 1 degree, in order to meet the production. 4, well drilling rig drilling cycle is short, and with the change of production site, mobility is also larger, relocation is more frequent, so the well drilling rig in the requirements of drilling process, drilling equipment can not be too bulky, in order to make the well drilling rig more convenient transportation production, is conducive to improve the production efficiency of well drilling rig and production utilization rate.