Safety and maintenance to be aware of when dismantling drilling rigs

- May 20, 2019-

After the completion of the project drilling rig production demand in a timely manner to open, in the opening of the time demand to pay attention to a certain process, do a good job of engineering drilling rig protection and maintenance operations, which is very important.

Because of the complexity of the engineering drilling rig system, the need to pay attention to some demolition problems.

1, the engineering drilling rig opening process, damage may wear parts need to be replaced, so as to ensure the efficiency of the production of power.

2, engineering drilling rig in the installation before, parts demand using fire oil wipe clean, and the need to apply enough lubricant smudge sedated in order to adhere to the stability of your production.

3, the engineering drilling rig in the part to open, the need to first remove the positioning pin, and carry out other demolition operations, in the time of the device is probably in accordance with the process, alignment of the positioning of the device operation.

4, the time when the engineering drilling rig is opened, pay special attention to the opening of the oil pipeline, the need to protect the joint, the joint in the engineering drilling rig is very important. 

5, the engineering rig gear is also the need to pay attention to, replacement time, the demand for accurate adjustment of the gear meshing gap and check the contact of the umbrella gear mottled, along the tooth height and tooth length are not less than 40%, and then filled with appropriate grease.