Six projects for well drilling rigs to be tested

- May 25, 2019-

1, assembly quality

After the assembly of the well drilling rig to carry out air operation test, to observe whether the valve movement is flexible and reliable, the top tight cylinder and propulsion cylinder is flexible, the rotary body assembly in the track running smoothly, whether the whole machine action match.

2, appearance quality 

The appearance quality of the drilling rig is judged by visual inspection.

3, security

The anti-riot test of the riot-proof motor supporting the drilling rig shall be carried out according to the regulations of the state, the pressure system is pressurized to 1.5 times the rated pressure, and the hose used is tested according to the prescribed inspection method.

 4, drilling rig sealing performance

In the detection of the sealing of the drilling rig, the pressure system will be pressurized to the rated pressure of 1.5 times the pressure for three minutes, to observe whether there is leakage and other abnormal phenomena.

5, reliability test Continuity test in the laboratory, drilling rig in the rated operating conditions for 120 minutes, observe the drilling rig and supporting pumping station operation.The average trouble-free time of drilling rigs underground is in the coal mine. 

6, noise measurement according to the national standards of the method for testing.