The main factors affecting the effect of the well drilling rig

- Jun 05, 2019-

    We know that the well drilling rig is a light, efficient, multi-functional rubber wheel edgout all-hydraulic drilling rig, used in urban buildings in the ground source heat pump air conditioning hole drilling.

    However, due to a long time in the harsh environment, often there will be abnormal failures, in order to avoid the occurrence of failures, daily maintenance is very necessary, for the daily maintenance of the frequent failure phenomenon and solutions, small editor for you to summarize:

    1. Fault: Especially in the working conditions, it is easy to appear is the brazing tail broken, broken into the cylinder block stuck hammer body, exhaust holes are blocked by rock powder, down to drill rock when the hole is more water, exhaust resistance impactor is not easy to start and other failures. 2. Treatment method: the way to deal with the fault is to find that the shocker is not ring, first lift the impactor to reduce exhaust resistance, the water will blow out part, and then slowly push to the bottom of the hole, if this method is not good, the impactor will lift the hole outside to remove cleaning or replacement parts. In addition to encountering complex formations can enable the machine in the normal drilling in the card drill outside.