The process and precautions of drilling wells

- May 21, 2019-

Agricultural machine well (hereinafter referred to as machine well) is an important farmland irrigation and drinking water facilities for people and animals, is an important material basis for the development of agricultural production, is the precious wealth of the whole people.

Departments and operating stations at all levels must be well-managed, well-used, reduce damage, extend the service life, reduce costs, give full play to the benefits.

Well-forming process:

1, drilling units must first drill, sampling and drawing a drill section structure (bar chart).

2, according to the column map: geological structure, make the upper pipe of the well, filter water pipe, drilling diameter is not less than 300 mm. 3, well into a hole under the tube, filler backfilling amount in 1.8-2.0 lim, must ensure that the well tube wall outside the more than 70 mm. The filter material is silicon sand pebbles, no impurities. According to the pebble particle size first-level ingredients (20-40 mm) is good. Filler manual layer by layer into the material, strictly prohibit mechanical backfilling filter material, strictly prohibit edgy soil into the well.

Filling method: Generally using recycled water or static water filling gravel, if found filter filling quantity and height with the plan large difference between the reason stoist properly, and record the filling results.

4, after the well pipe to be vertical, can not be tilted. 5, the well pipe polyethylene plastic pipe wall thickness of 8 mm, well pipe using drilling filter, drilling 18-20 mm, drilling rate is not less than 25%, do a good job of well pipe connection and filter fixed. Well pipe tie-up using screw joints, drilling 8 mm hole, installation of 10 mm screws.

The filter eye is about 25 eyes, the filter is wrapped in 2 layers.

6, pebble filter upper more than 5 meters higher than the filter, the rest except the filter part of the use of clay backfilling sealing. 7, after the well should be washed first after the pumping test, pumping test time for 24 hours of continuous pumping.

The water output and water quality meet the design requirements.

8, in the process of drilling wells, the construction unit should do a good job of the entire drilling process description of the detailed construction records, geological column map, aquifer sand samples and filter material particle analysis results, well pipe, filter pipe arrangement structure, well pipe connection methods (including video or photo data), do a good job of pumping test records of the results. 9, if due to special circumstances need to modify the above technical requirements, should be in accordance with the "machine well technical specifications" (SL256-2000) prompt design requirements, reported to the water conservancy department for approval.

Before the construction unit starts drilling wells, go to the Ministry of Water Resources Construction for drilling-related procedures.

10, well pipe length must be foot, 30 meters deep machine well, well tube depth must reach 30 meters, 40 meters deep machine well, well tube depth must reach 40 meters, the size is not enough not to give construction costs.


1, after acceptance of the qualification all to the operation station management and use, listed as the operation station fixed assets management.

2. Each production operation station shall establish a management organization, formulate rules and regulations, train technical teams, establish technical files, do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of wells, equipment and field projects, implement scientific water use, conduct economic accounting and promote agricultural production. 3, the operation station to be unified responsible for the management of the well.

To set up a well management team, by the work station director in charge.

4, the appearance of man-made damage to the well (such as well pipe filling debris, stealing well cover, etc.), the cost of re-drilling by the operating station. 5, the operation station is responsible for the drilling team safety education, safety signature, not to appear safety matters.