Three precautions for extending the service life of small well drilling rigs

- May 30, 2019-

The system of small well drilling rig sits to ensure timely lubrication to extend the service life, but small well drilling rigs and large drilling rigs in terms of lubrication there is a certain difference, small editor here to introduce to you about small well drilling rig lubrication should pay attention to what matters.

1, before lubrication to open the well drilling rig gear, chain, sprocket and grease Changlu and other parts, the above dirt and sediment, wipe clean, and then apply oil. 

2, when oiling the wire rope, it is best to make the oil seep into the core of the hemp rope, to note that the grease must be pure, non-polluting, for the walking part of the oil, pay attention to the surrounding oil so far the journal.Be careful not to move the rig to the fill.

3, in use need to pay attention to the motor output shaft belt one by the pulley and gear bearing stoic, the other is connected with the mud pump, gear and slide gear connected, the slide gear in the middle of the slide bearing is pierced with a slide rod, the upper end of the slide rod is connected to the wire rope through the hanging ring, the lower end to install water hyacinth.