Truck-mounted rig manufacturer

- Oct 28, 2019-

Water well drilling rig are mechanical products, the power is the primary factor, the stand or fall of henan traction type drill is an engine directly affect its life. China imported engines and engine both in performance and in the above price has a larger gap, so to compare is the configuration of the engine, the influence of various index of the water well drilling rig is big. Then there is water well drilling rig work underwater, it gives the user experience is also very important. My company production of water well drilling rig in order to use the needs of different stratum drilling, further enhance the drilling efficiency, aquatic products are multi-purpose drilling rig and hydraulic transmission and the direction of operation; When traction type drilling rig manufacturers can achieve a drill equipped with a variety of equipment and accessories, can use impingement, rotary and DTH hammer drilling a variety of ways; Also can use mud washing well, compressed air wash well and is, reverse circulation washing well, etc.

Binzhou traction type drill is used, the first test run oil motor, the motor forward and inversion of the bidirectional test, should be smooth operation, no noise, low speed when the system pressure gauge reading is more than 4 mpa; Trial of gyrator forward, backward, to eliminate feed feed, the air in the cylinder until smooth operation, the system pressure should not be more than 2. 5 mpa; Chuck, holder, to be flexible, open and close action should be reliable; Check the movement direction of work organization and signs indicating direction are consistent, such as inconsistent corresponding tubing shall timely transfer (in the process of the above test run, the parts should be no oil leakage phenomenon, such as discovery should be promptly eliminate). Should use the hydraulic oil as far as possible, if there is no hydraulic oil and machine oil as a substitute in the same viscosity, the service life of the components will be affected; Come on for the first time, should be carefully cleaning tank, all the hydraulic oil must use filter filter oil machine; Underground is not allowed to open the fuel tank and remove the hydraulic components casually, so as to avoid mixed with dirt. On-board traction type drill is used regularly check the oil level of high and low, is found insufficient oil should be through the air cleaner fuel. Back to the oil pressure more than 0. 6 mpa should replace the oil return oil filter cartridge.

Had been talking about water well drilling rig in the use of some of the knowledge as well as the maintenance knowledge, let's talk about water well drilling rig is divided into which a few kinds, respectively, by which components, each have what advantage. The first kind of impingement water well drilling rig, on-board traction type depend mainly on the vertical reciprocating motion drill, drill bit hit bottom in broken rock. Its structure is simple, no circulation flushing system, cuttings removal and drill cannot simultaneously, thus efficiency is low. Usually in the drilling depth of 250 meters, sometimes up to 500 ~ 600 meters. There are mainly two kinds: (1) grasp the cone. Using the weight of the drill itself impact formation. Of the lower end of the drilling tool is a few can zhang pointed horn disc, when drilling tool under the action of its weight downward movement, grasp valve open, cut into the rock, traction type drilling rig manufacturer then passed by hoist rope hoisting tool, grasp the disc in closing process debris into the cone and wellhead cuttings discharged is put forward. Drilling depth is usually 40 ~ 50 meters, 100 ~ 150 meters. (2) the wire rope impact drill. By the mast and on the top of the lifting pulley, wire rope, impact mechanism, drilling tools, motor, etc.