What about water well drilling rig track maintenance and maintenance?

- Nov 19, 2019-

What about water well drilling rig track maintenance and maintenance? Of water well drilling rig track cleaning: cleaning the oil water well drilling machine, should be cleaning the sludge on the lower body to walk at the same time, after the operation, workers at the same time of cleaning the shandong water well rig cab is to clean the sludge on the lower body to walk, if the lower body to walk on sludge. Are unable to check the relevant components. Therefore, please be sure to remove these sludge, and the lower body to walk for inspection and maintenance. All in all, here small make up remind rotating drill crawler tractor driver to pay more attention to the situation, such as bolts loose? The sprocket and roller can't turn? Sprocket, roller and the drive wheels oil? Such as ignoring the abnormal state, will cause serious accidents. If due to the bolt fracture and make the relevant parts damaged and sprocket wheel or roller grinding partial, will greatly increase the maintenance cost.

Impact drill can meet different geological situation, the impact drill is a kind of important drilling filling pile foundation construction of machinery. Especially the pebble layer in drilling, strong adaptability to water well than other type of drill rig in shandong. With impact drill hole, hole formation, forming a layer of compacted soil around the hole wall, the stability of hole wall, anchorage drill improve the bearing capacity of pile foundation, have certain effect. At present commonly used percussion drills have CZ series of all of its components are installed on the trailer. The overall traction. Punching machine drilling is to use the crank connecting rod mechanism of drilling rig, the power of the rotary motion into reciprocating motion, through the wire rope drive the impact hammer movement up and down. By falling hammer impact, will pebbles or broken rock, slag drilling with mud (or tao slag shell). But it's blade is mostly cross-shaped hammer flushing with various shapes. Power consumption is very large, because of the impact of drilling is to drill rock broken into powder, granulated slag. Drilling efficiency is very low. So, how much is the water well rig in addition to outside the pebble layer in drilling, other strata have been replaced by other type of drilling rig.

The principle of water well rig remove is generally installed after first, first after the demolition. Rig accessories remind is disassembled should pay attention to the following: open the gas, liquid and water piping excuse for seals shall be, keep the drill pipe and the outlet clean, avoid clutter. Drill is disassembled fasteners should be separate packing and label marked or load special packing box. Used for the connection screw, nut should be separate packing, avoid high strength screw, nut and other screw, nut, confusion. Air system software should avoid to be stained with oil, the pipeline external thread used clean plastic cloth bandage, avoid thread and keep the tube clean bruised. Oil and water well rig disassembly and assembly, fall off, are forbidden to touch, in order to avoid damage to the parts. If you need more long-distance transportation or stored for a long time, should make processing of rain, moisture, rust, and produce packaging packaging, fill in the packing list. All equipment within the liquid (oil and water) shall be drained.