What are water well drilling rig track maintenance and maintenance

- Nov 12, 2019-

Knife and your job, work to prepare everything before again good mechanical also should choose good match, otherwise do not due effect. DTH drill in choosing a bit when they need to pay attention to the following: : bigger than work hard rock drilling. Gansu impact water well drill every column teeth and bit lines under great load. Require the bit body and column gear has higher strength. The second: in relatively good soft rock drillability when drilling in the drilling speed is relatively larger discharge choose three or four airfoils airfoils. Third: in the joint development of broken when drilling to reduce the deviation. Choose better oriented or projection model bit depressed tubulovillous adenoma in the middle. Fourth: in the clay rock drill hole in the middle row of slag is often blocked side discharge bit selection. Fifth: engineering impact water well drill in toughness good rock drilling wedge tooth bit. Open-air DTH drilling rig can be divided into dry type DTH drill and wet DTH drill two kinds, dry dedusting is directly on the gas mixture of dust separation and capture of flotation equipment. Without water, but the dust removal effect is poorer, complex equipment is very big.

What about water well drilling rig track maintenance and maintenance? Impact of water well drilling rig track cleaning: cleaning engineering water well drilling rig, should be cleaning the sludge on the lower body to walk at the same time, after the operation, homework personnel in cleaning the impact of gansu water well drilling rig bridge at the same time also to cleaning of the sludge on the lower body to walk, if the lower body to walk on sludge. Are unable to check the relevant components. Therefore, please be sure to remove these sludge, and the lower body to walk for inspection and maintenance. All in all, here small make up remind rotating drill crawler tractor driver to pay more attention to the situation, such as bolts loose? The sprocket and roller can't turn? Sprocket, roller and the drive wheels oil? Such as ignoring the abnormal state, will cause serious accidents. If due to the bolt fracture and make the relevant parts damaged and sprocket wheel or roller grinding partial, will greatly increase the maintenance cost.

Had been talking about water well drilling rig in the use of some of the knowledge as well as the maintenance knowledge, let's talk about water well drilling rig is divided into which a few kinds, respectively, by which components, each have what advantage. First of all kinds of impact type water well drilling rig, it depend mainly on the vertical reciprocating motion, drill bit hit bottom in broken rock. Impact of gansu water well drilling rig has simple structure, no circulation flushing system, cuttings removal and drill cannot simultaneously, thus efficiency is low. Usually in the drilling depth of 250 meters, sometimes up to 500 ~ 600 meters. There are mainly two kinds: (1) grasp the cone. Using the weight of the drill itself impact formation. Of the lower end of the drilling tool is a few can zhang pointed horn disc, when drilling tool under the action of its weight downward movement, grasp valve open, cut into the rock, engineering water well drilling rig and then passed by hoist rope hoisting impact drill, grasp the disc in closing process debris into the cone and wellhead cuttings discharged is put forward. Drilling depth is usually 40 ~ 50 meters, 100 ~ 150 meters. (2) the wire rope impact drill. By the mast and on the top of the lifting pulley, wire rope, impact mechanism, drilling tools, motor, etc.