What is the type and efficacy of well drilling rigs?

- Jun 04, 2019-

      Well drilling rig using air compressor will be mechanical energy converted into gas pressure energy, many kinds, according to the principle of operation of different categories divided into volume and speed. Volume compressors increase gas pressure by periodically changing the working volume of the sealby by shifting the moving parts, including piston, diaphragm and screw. Speed compressors increase gas pressure, including centrifugal, shaft and mix,by changing the speed of the gas and then converting it into pressure energy. In the air pressure transmission generally use a new type of injection screw volume air compressor. It greatly improves the reliability of the work and significantly reduces the maintenance work, consisting of a compressor mainunit, electric motor, starter, intake system, exhaust system, cooling lubrication system, air volume adjustment system, instrument panel, cooler, combined separator and guard, all of which are mounted on a standard-size base.