Why well rigs shouldn't work during the rainy season

- Jun 07, 2019-

     Now well drilling project is also more use of well drilling rigs, in this project well drilling rig process speed is also very important, comprehensive consideration of the drilling machine work of various factors, it is not suitable in the rainy season, as to the reason, now here for everyone to analyze. After making a pickaxe is the need to pump water to check the results, under normal circumstances to do a large drop deep pumping can be, the water level stability duration of not less than eight hours, while measuring the moving water level of the well flow. The thickness of the antifiltration layer and the particle size of the filter should be constructed in accordance with the design requirements, and the mud and sediment must be removed before the antifiltration layer is laid.

  Filter material should be screened to remove mud, the amount side spare. Well-drilling works to ensure that the construction site drainage is smooth, so to avoid the rainy season. In the work of side digging edge, the excavation slope should be determined according to the physical and mechanical properties of the soil layer, generally 1:1.5, the foot of the abandoned slope to the upper mouth of the excavation side should have a certain distance. For the large well head of the well wall into the water, the water inlet and antifiltration layer of the well wall must be arranged according to the design requirements, and the inlet hole should be prevented from clogging during the construction process. The filter filling of the aquifer site should meet the requirements, the backfilling soil should be a certain super high, and the permafrost in the winter backfilling soil should not exceed 15%.