About The Water Well Drilling Rig Track Maintenance And Maintenance

- Oct 09, 2019-

What about water well drilling rig track maintenance and maintenance? Of water well drilling rig track cleaning: cleaning the project impact drill machine, should be cleaning the sludge on the lower body to walk at the same time, after the operation, workers at the same time of cleaning the percussion drill bridge in tianjin is to clean the sludge on the lower body to walk, if the lower body to walk on sludge. Are unable to check the relevant components. Therefore, please be sure to remove these sludge, and the lower body to walk for inspection and maintenance. All in all, here small make up remind rotating drill crawler tractor driver to pay more attention to the situation, such as bolts loose? The sprocket and roller can't turn? Sprocket, roller and the drive wheels oil? Such as ignoring the abnormal state, will cause serious accidents. If due to the bolt fracture and make the relevant parts damaged and sprocket wheel or roller grinding partial, will greatly increase the maintenance cost.

Tianjin impact drill move system, to provide a whole set of drilling rig power equipment; Work system and work according to the requirement of the process equipment; Transmission system for the working unit of transmission, transmission, distribution, energy equipment; Control system, control system, equipment, coordinate and accurate work according to the requirement of the process; Auxiliary system, assist the main system of equipment. Water well drilling rig accessories flat valve sealing lubrication: manual water well drilling rig accessories thrust bearing plate valve USES lithium grease, after each maintenance should check the consumption of the grease, if discover the metamorphism, pollution, or lack of, should immediately to replace or supplement, the valve cavity should be at every time of maintenance in a timely manner to wash, filling sealing grease again, to embellish slide valve plate and valve seat. The process of maintenance, if the valve stem packing seal slight leakage occurs, by sealing grease injection valve cover sealing grease injection, to prevent leakage, but after the completion of the construction should be replaced in a timely manner sealed impact drill factory. Before filling sealing grease injection of valve, must first consider the body's internal pressure, the use of high pressure injection pressure must be greater than the pressure within the valve, to be successful will be sealing grease injection.

Do not stop the wind; To prevent sticking, DTH impacter must turn to the right (clockwise) rotation (sinistral impacter exception), do not reverse drilling tools in hole, to prevent drill pipe, fall into the hole in the impact. Replacement of the new bit diameter shall not be greater than for the old bit diameter, to prevent sticking. When drilling in the aquifer, cannot let is stay in the air supply closed the hole bottom. If need to suspend the drilling, the two drill pipe length is filed