Balance Pressure Drilling

- Dec 02, 2019-

Balance pressure drilling: when using truck-mounted water well drilling rig drilling process, has been maintaining borehole pressure is equal to the formation of a drilling method called balance pressure drilling. Jet drilling: jet drilling is to use car truck mounted drilling rig drilling fluid through the jet bit nozzle of high speed jet hydraulic effect, progress of penetration of a drilling method. Cementing that is down to the borehole must scale of casing string, and in its surrounding into slurry, the casing is fixed on the wall, to prevent the wall collapsed. The intention is: the packer loose, fragile, easy to leak, mixed and disorderly formation; Packer oil, gas, water, prevent blowby each other; Wellhead equipment, control flows, drilling or produce oil and gas. Drill pipe formation test: drill pipe formation test is to use the drill pipe or tubing packer with formation tester down into the well in the test of a kind of advanced technology. It is able to test has been down into the hole of the casing, can also be used in not into the open hole of the casing under test. Wireline formation test: use the liaoning truck mounted drilling rig after find oil &gas showing in the drilling process, with the cable into the formation tester can obtain samples and measurement of formation pressure, formation fluids as the wireline formation test. This test method is simpler, can repeatedly, repeatedly.

Truck mounted drilling rig construction also note when reduce the wear and tear. Sprocket, roller, driving wheel and track link, these are all easy to wear and tear parts, but, according to the implementation of the daily inspection or not, there will be a big difference in degree. So, as long as a little proper maintenance, spend a little time will be able to control its wear well. If in sprocket and roller part cannot continue to use, operation conditions may lead to slant roller mill, at the same time also can cause wear track link. If discover the car of truck mounted drilling rig can't running wheel, must be repaired immediately! In this way, can avoid to cause other malfunction. If repeated over a long period of time walking and suddenly turned on sloping ground, can make the side rail link with the driving wheel and the side of the guide wheel contact, thus increase the degree of wear and tear. Therefore, we should avoid walking on the sloping area and suddenly turned to as much as possible. Straight line and turn, which can effectively prevent wear and tear.

In winter, the northern most area began to cease, car truck mounted drilling rig also not work began a winter break, in the water well drilling rig spare this time, we must not ignore the love machine, small drill to introduce the below note: winter park water well drilling rig under winter into the construction of season, water well drilling rig spare deposit before, first of all should be an all aspect checks on water well drilling rig, check whether there is a fault and the situation of the loose parts, also will love dirt clean dust on the fuselage. Winter storage rig, remember the bare cylinder back to as far as possible, avoid the winter snow humid environment such as corrosion of oil cylinder, in case of oil cylinder rust. If can't shrink due to site, daub on the piston rod surface a layer of butter. Truck mounted drilling rig manufacturer special cold winter temperatures, water well drilling rig need long time parking should be cleared within the engine cooling fluid. Also should observe whether oil oil is normal, the old oil prone to corrosion of engine parts. Also need to pay special attention to rig parked position, parked in dry indoor environment.