Basic Sage Of Drilling

- May 29, 2019-

 The basic knowledge of drilling is that every well-drilling person needs to be familiar with, then, well driller needs to know what the basic knowledge of drilling is:

The turntable has good sealing and lubrication properties to prevent external mud and dirt from entering the inside of the turntable to damage the main auxiliary bearings.

The turntable can be reversed positively;

The turntable has the ability to resist earthquake, shock and corrosion;

The turntable should have a sufficiently large torque and a certain speed, a turning drill column to drive the drill bit to break the rock, and can meet the salvage, buckle, reverse buckle, buckle or milling and other special operating requirements;

According to the provisions of the transmission, turntable, the main roller turbine in the turbine box;

Take off the diesel engine clutch, mud pump clutch, empty car pull triangular pulley to the inlet wheel observation transmission, the main deputy roller million-forward shaft, whether the turntable has a bite to bite, if there is it should be adjusted; The drilling rig of the drilling machine equipment is tested. After the inspection of the drilling rig departments, the empty load test operation shall be carried out. Observe the normal operation of the departments, can officially open the drill.