Binzhou Drill Impact Drill Factory

- Sep 30, 2019-

In the use of binzhou new drill pipe, drill bit should be determined before the cutoff (protect the shaft head) thread is also close to the new button a bad turn new drill pipe thread, is easy to damage caused by leakage, such as card buckle, loose state. In using drill for drilling and digging, should first new button "grinding", this contains, wipe on thread oil first, and then use drilling machine to twist, in open clasp, in oil with thread to open again, so repeated three times, can avoid wear and card buckle. As far as possible to maintain drill pipe under the ground and on the ground in a straight line, so that we can avoid the threaded part of the lateral force and made, don't need to wear, and even jump buckle, pay attention to anchor drill avoid moving force in the construction is very important. Button should tighten slowly, reduce overheating wear. Every time buckle on impact drill factory must use the torsion twist, and often pay attention to the state of the clamping piece are in good condition. Shorten the distance of drill into the into the mouth, because of the lack of support, if drill pipe will make it easy to drill pipe advancing direction when bending deformation, cause the life cut short.

Water well drilling rig installation steps: water well drilling rig with its unique design, energy saving, and many other advantages widely applicable to small and medium-sized mines, road construction, regarding the project, blast hole drilling. Below small make up to you to introduce engineering impact drill installation steps, hope to be of service: 1. To determine the water well drilling rig installation shall be carried out by skilled operators, and has the specialist is responsible for the command. 2. The second before determine the installation of water well drilling rig, response to topography, geology, hydrology, meteorology, flood level investigation, etc.                            In the flat ground water well drilling rig, installation requirements installation rig base, the tower, anchor, etc. 4. Impact drill factory at a predetermined near the orifice of a piece of solid ground level, area of not less than 53.3 ㎡, well before the tower part is not flat, but shall not be higher than 1 m of obstacles. 5. When the water well drilling rig is installed after the ground beam, the diesel engine actuator, hoist in rig base on hold.

(1) engineering impact drill class maintenance: 1) to drill the surface is wiped clean, and pay attention to the rig substructure method, clean and good lubrication on the surface of the vertical shaft, etc. (2) check all exposed bolt, nut, insurance pin is strong and reliable. (3) according to the requirements of lubrication filling lubricating oil or grease, see figure 2 and table 1. (4) check the transmission, transfer case and the oil level of hydraulic system of the tank. 5. Check the spill everywhere and visual processing. 6. Eliminate other fault occurring in the class. (2) the impact drill in jiangsu weekly maintenance: (1) class thoroughly maintenance required by the project. (2) to get rid of the chuck and slip tooth surface dirt, dirt. (3) clean the inner surface of the brake oil, mud, etc. (4) ruled out fault happens within this week.

Drill jiangsu impact drill when removing installation should pay attention to the problem: in order to guarantee the sealing of the hydraulic control system usually try to decrease the number of disassembly for tubing connector. When carrying exploded, not as much as possible will give the oil cylinder and the hydraulic control valve, the dashboard unloaded from the machine frame, make them together with the tubing handling. The breaking-out joint in overhaul, nozzle to use clean cotton plug, do not make dirt along the tube into the tubing or oil cylinder, oil pump, valve, tank. Parts removed, should remove the locating pin to remove other work. And when installation, it should be in position alignment after first positioning pin, and other components. Remove the fittings and locking device is easy to confusion, loss of the company shall be kept separately and indicate the part number in order to install. When removing dial out big bevel gear and heart tube, must be the small bevel gear along with beam down first, and then under the box body are connected to the pipe part six bolts loosen, then the heart tube and big bevel gear. Impact drill factory removing installation, drives the casting is prohibited. Hit the other accessories, pad to block or copper pieces. Pay attention to protect the parts fitting surface as well as the surface of the tubing connector, shall not be damaged. When installation, parts must be clean with kerosene, wipe and coated with enough oil or butter.