Binzhou Drilling Rig Rotary Drilling Rig Manufacturers

- Nov 07, 2019-

According to different fluid circulation mode, gas lift, at the same time using the mud pump sending mud (or water) to drill pipe flushing hole bottom. Rotary drilling rig, from the orifice flow sedimentation tank, work power plant into the bottom of the hole direct drive drill rotary cutting, until it reaches the hole depth; Prospecting rotary drill with the drill slag discharge, water conservancy, clay, carrying debris flushing fluid along the drill pipe and a rise in the annular space between the hole wall, appropriate USES gas lift reverse circulation; Gas lift is reverse circulation use into the compressed air to make the water cycle: rotary drill is driven by the power drill rotating device rotation and weathering shale formation drilling, rotary drilling rig generally refers to the host power in ordinary drill ground, increases with the depth increasing efficiency and power. From from the bottom of the hole hole on back again to the ground; Shanghai rotary drill rinses coincided with positive cycle route instead. Bit at the bottom of the soil while rotating stirring become drill slag, mud suspension, with the increase overflow, mud after a heavy precipitation slurry pool purification, mud recycling use. The hole wall by water and mud protection. Under the effect of vacuum pump suction, the slag mixture into the bit into the mouth.

BINZUAN drilling and rotary drilling rig used in soft soil, easy adherent dirt track and track link, so the crawler to adjust a bit loose some, in order to prevent due to soil adhesion on the abnormal stress on the track link. In construction sites all over the pebbles, caterpillar also asked a bit loose some, so, when walking on the pebble, can avoid crawler plate bending. Strong and flat on the ground, turn the treads a bit tight. Crawler tensioning degree adjustment: if the crawler too tight, walking speed and walking power decline phenomenon. This will not only led to a decline in the efficiency, but due to the large pin and bushing was imposed on the friction caused by abnormal wear and tear. On the contrary, if the crawler too loose, caterpillar loosely draped over the driving wheel and sprocket, wear or damage. Moreover, rotary drilling rig manufacturer when hang loose track is too large, contact with the rack rack and injury may occur. In this way, even if is to strengthen the lower part of the body, if not properly adjusted, can also lead to accidental failures occur. When rotating drill construction also notice to reduce wear and tear. Sprocket, roller, driving wheel and track link, these are all easy to wear and tear parts, but, according to the implementation of the daily inspection or not, there will be a big difference in degree.

Binzhou rotary drill is there are a lot of kinds, but due to the limited space, so the following is to introduce one of the species, is for the core drill. Moreover, this kind of drilling rig and it products and keywords, so it is necessary to familiar with and understand, and it is to understand, so you can have a good learning effect, and can get yourself some new knowledge. In the core drill, whether to have tracked core drill this kind? Core drill, the drill is a specific type, and also is a common and common species. Prospecting of rotary drill rig, however, a major categories, so, still can be classified again, for example, it is a caterpillar core drill this particular species, in addition, there are also some other kinds. So, it is obvious that the answer to this question is for.