Binzhou Engineering Impact Drill Factory

- Oct 09, 2019-

Impact drill can meet different geological situation, the impact drill is a kind of important drilling filling pile foundation construction of machinery. Especially the pebble layer in drilling, tianjin impact drill compared with other type of drill adaptable. With impact drill hole, hole formation, forming a layer of compacted soil around the hole wall, the stability of hole wall, anchorage drill improve the bearing capacity of pile foundation, have certain effect. At present commonly used percussion drills have CZ series of all of its components are installed on the trailer. The overall traction. Punching machine drilling is to use the crank connecting rod mechanism of drilling rig, the power of the rotary motion into reciprocating motion, through the wire rope drive the impact hammer movement up and down. By falling hammer impact, will pebbles or broken rock, slag drilling with mud (or tao slag shell). But it's blade is mostly cross-shaped hammer flushing with various shapes. Power consumption is very large, because of the impact of drilling is to drill rock broken into powder, granulated slag. Drilling efficiency is very low. Impact drill factory, therefore, in addition to outside the pebble layer in drilling, other strata has been replaced by other types of drill.

Engineering solution method of impact drill card: sticking although is the captain shun, but once met and don't panic, as the saying goes, "better who tied the bell on the", want to smooth solution CARDS to understand common drilling conditions. Sticking was introduced in front of a few main reason, this article on how to solve the problem of the drill card for details. In addressing the problem of sticking in addition to don't panic, another root can't blindly dry, wrong operation not only can make the diamond bit drilling tools out of stuck, or make the tool produces irreversible damage, causing the late card solution steps of the implementation of more suffering. In tianjin first impact drill card or is unable to solve the problem of sticking, timely ask old captain predecessors or consulting experienced rig manufacturer, after solve sticking to sum up experience, try to independently complete solution card operation next time.

Or promotion in the process of using binzhou percussion drill drilling tool, do not stop the wind; To prevent sticking, DTH impacter must turn to the right (clockwise) rotation (sinistral impacter exception), do not reverse drilling tools in hole, to prevent drill pipe, fall into the hole in the impact. Replacement of the new bit diameter shall not be greater than for the old bit diameter, to prevent sticking. When drilling in the aquifer, cannot let is stay in the air supply closed the hole bottom. If need to suspend the drilling, the two drill pipe length is filed. Because the wall block, mezzanine, etc can cause sticking, so should be used regularly is strong wind, regular cleaning the bottom of the hole. If hole caves and other special geology should immediately stop drilling. Regularly check project impact drill, drill sleeve and impact abrasion of outer cylinder. Card is the diameter of the drill sleeve can in no way smaller than the diameter of the outer cylinder. When the wear reaches its allowed by the small diameter, can be a timely replacement components.