Binzhou Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig Manufacturer

- Nov 27, 2019-

Many projects now focus on the price of the drilling engineering, makes every effort to quickly return on capital, ignoring the geological conditions, construction plan, team strength and the management way and so on various factors, cause in the process of construction, work hard and chaotic, and even appeared hole collapse, sediment and sliding failure, seriously affected the small and the efficiency of water well drilling rig, a simple introduce for everybody below factors influencing hydraulic drill and what measures should be taken? There are many factors that can influence the efficiency of the small hammer construction, varied geological, different ways of cooperation, different pile diameter, column length, geographical location and climate, and so on, these will affect the efficiency of the construction of pile driver. Take measures: first, in terms of purchasing drill, should choose quality is reliable, stable performance and good reputation, convenient after-sales service brands, such as binzhou drill. Qualified engineering drilling/well drill rig construction enterprise/team is an important factor. A drilling rig, provide a high quality manufacturer drill pipe, drill rig, output torque, pressure, vibration, all function in drill pipe, so the drill pipe quality directly affect the production schedule.

Automatic matters needing attention in operation: hydraulic drill hole in drilling tools, in addition to the action of programs need to be in accordance with the relevant provisions, do not allow the gyrator inversion. Gyrator inversion of removing drill pipe, hydraulic drilling oil cylinder to reserve shackle, so as not to damage the drill pipe thread. Drill work process, should always pay attention to the change in the moving parts. Bearings, gears, oil pump and oil motor, motor temperature rise shall not exceed 45 degrees, the temperature of the fuel tank oil outlet place must not exceed 60 degrees, otherwise should stop check and processing. Observation station back to the oil pressure gauge, found that the oil pressure is more than 0.35 should be replaced downtime or cleaning filters. Drill work, pay attention to the hydraulic system components, rubber hose and pipe joint leakage, if any fault should be handled in time. Binzhou drill at work, in addition to oil supply pressure caused by drilling load change, corresponding change of rotation and advancing speed, system pressure suddenly lift caused by rotation, advancing speed changes significantly, should immediately stop, find out why. Treatment failure. When the drill is stop working, all handlers in the place should be in place.

Balance pressure drilling: when using truck-mounted water well drilling rig drilling process, has been maintaining borehole pressure is equal to the formation of a drilling method called balance pressure drilling. Jet drilling: jet drilling is to use full hydraulic drilling rig drilling fluid through the jet bit nozzle of high speed jet hydraulic effect, progress of penetration of a drilling method. Cementing that is down to the borehole must scale of casing string, and in its surrounding into slurry, the casing is fixed on the wall, to prevent the wall collapsed. The intention is: the packer loose, fragile, easy to leak, mixed and disorderly formation; Packer oil, gas, water, prevent blowby each other; Wellhead equipment, control flows, drilling or produce oil and gas. Drill pipe formation test: drill pipe formation test is to use the drill pipe or tubing packer with formation tester down into the well in the test of a kind of advanced technology. It is able to test has been down into the hole of the casing, can also be used in not into the open hole of the casing under test. Wireline formation test: use the binzhou drill after find oil &gas showing in the drilling process, with the cable into the formation tester can obtain samples and measurement of formation pressure, formation fluids as the wireline formation test. This test method is simpler, can repeatedly, repeatedly.