Binzhou On-board Traction Type Drilling Rig Manufacturer

- Oct 28, 2019-

On-board traction type drill bit has a pivotal role in the process of water well drilling rig drilling, a bit of good or bad will directly affect the water well drilling efficiency and the quality of the hole and so on, so we need to pay attention to the selection of drill bit and use. In the process of drilling, the operator should pay attention to the drilling bit usage, let bit better production operation. Bit in the water well drilling rig need to pay attention to several aspects: 1, the structure of the water well drilling rig drill in drilling, need timely replacement center drill, first of all need to clean the bottom of the hole, then the residue in the bottom of the bore to blow clean, stay after bit stop rotating, put in the water well drilling rig drilling tools to slowly lift, when the size of the lifting force just can carry tool is appropriate. 2, water well drilling rig drill in drilling process, also need to carefully observe traction type drilling rig manufacturer follow up situation of casing, timely understanding of the specific conditions of the hole, the necessary and timely to keep the hole cleaning, and water well drilling rig drill in drilling process of strong pulling is prohibited. 3, the water well drill hole bottom sometimes have more residual slag, eccentric bit rotary part will be to consolidate slag jammed, in turn, affects the production, this is where the transmission of compressed air, back to the hole cleaning, and make the DTH hammer work for a short time, then improve operations in the center of the new drilling tools.

Consider construction engineering drilling machine of the use of the load and the bearing layer of the pile foundation of the engineering geological conditions, and the design on the base rock, improve the bearing capacity of single pile, can also be equipped with a variety of specifications bit, drilling pattern in this series, is suitable for gravel, cementation and gravel and rock-socketed complex foundation engineering construction, widely used in bridge bored piles, underground continuous wall foundation engineering. On-board traction type drill is also put forward higher request to the pile foundation construction, the rotary drilling rig construction cost is high, and can't meet the gravel and boulders, stone, rock, construction difficulty is big, easy to slumping hole, under the condition of the mid - 1990 - s pile machine factory in order to meet the market requirements, are used in eggs, gravel layer construction drill into, due to the impact is bigger, easy to slumping hole filling coefficient is larger, traction type drilling rig manufacturer developed the drilling machine machine meet the requirement of pile foundation engineering construction.

Had been talking about water well drilling rig in the use of some of the knowledge as well as the maintenance knowledge, let's talk about water well drilling rig is divided into which a few kinds, respectively, by which components, each have what advantage. The first kind of impingement water well drilling rig, on-board traction type depend mainly on the vertical reciprocating motion drill, drill bit hit bottom in broken rock. Its structure is simple, no circulation flushing system, cuttings removal and drill cannot simultaneously, thus efficiency is low. Usually in the drilling depth of 250 meters, sometimes up to 500 ~ 600 meters. There are mainly two kinds: (1) grasp the cone. Using the weight of the drill itself impact formation. Of the lower end of the drilling tool is a few can zhang pointed horn disc, when drilling tool under the action of its weight downward movement, grasp valve open, cut into the rock, traction type drilling rig manufacturer then passed by hoist rope hoisting tool, grasp the disc in closing process debris into the cone and wellhead cuttings discharged is put forward. Drilling depth is usually 40 ~ 50 meters, 100 ~ 150 meters. (2) the wire rope impact drill. By the mast and on the top of the lifting pulley, wire rope, impact mechanism, drilling tools, motor, etc.