Binzuan Rig

- Nov 27, 2019-

Water well drilling rig crawler consists of segments and track pin, etc. Binzhou of crawler drill pin up track link connect all the segments. With a hole at both ends of the segments, and active gear, central has induced tooth, crawler for adjustment. Water well drilling rig crawler is introduced: the water well drilling rig crawler consists of segments and track pin, etc. Caterpillar pin up track link connect all the segments. Segments at both ends of the hole, and active gear, central has induced tooth, crawler for adjustment, and hydraulic drill can prevent falls off to drive treads, strengthen antiskid reinforcement in contact with the ground side) (hereinafter referred to as decorative pattern, in order to improve the robustness of the segments and the crawler and the ground adhesion. Water well drilling rig sites and sprocket, roller, driving wheel and track link, etc.

Drill in use at any time to pay attention to check the gas, water (water dust removal) road sections of screw, nut, joint connection and fastening frame and host. Always watch full hydraulic drilling oil mist detector work, check the lubrication condition of wind motor, impact device. Regularly clean with gasoline or diesel percussion, wind motor, observe the motor damage of the blade. Do not allow the reverse when drilling, so as not to drill pipe tripping. Machine in a short period of time to stop working, want to give a small amount of compressed air, to avoid sediment impact device inside, if in a long time to stop working, the impact device must be mentioned from 1-2 meters shall be fixed at the bottom of the bore. Work should pay attention to the voice of binzhou percussive drill and workings of the machine is normal, found abnormal phenomenon should immediately stop check. Added a new drill pipe, it is important to pay special attention to the drill pipe inside clean, to avoid sand mixed with percussive internal attaint parts or outage accidents. (general use compressed air to blow, wash several times). Surface water, open a hole with a large diameter drill bit, and then inserted into the casing, and the casing where the 100-200 mm long, to prevent slag mud into the hole.

Anchor drilling machine is designed for water conservancy, traffic engineering, building materials, construction site of a new type of highly efficient drilling equipment, binzhou drill is widely used similar type management, water conservancy, road construction, and all kinds of open-pit mine, geophysical exploration of engineering rock drill in the bolt hole or holes. Jumbolter used in foundation engineering construction, and can complete anchor construction, powder, mortar and all kinds of engineering exploration hole, micro pile hole drilling, and can realize the spiral dive hammer and scraper drilling. Hydraulic rotary spray drill for full hydraulic pressure drive, power head type drill, is suitable for vertical or inclined drilling and spray, spray, jet grouting pile construction equipment. Applicable to the soil, sand, sand gravel of quaternary overburden high irrigation plasma operation. Drill manufacturers can according to the special requirements of users, research, design, production of special purpose and requirement of equipment and machinery. In ocean engineering geological survey drilling equipment, geotechnical anchorage support equipment, crushing complex formation drilling process and equipment research and development, has a unique advantage. In the related special field has a very wide range of applications.