BZDYF150 Drill In The Maldives Drilling Success

- Apr 22, 2020-

In December 2019, the shandong binzhou forging machinery factory professional engineer li peng at the invitation of the maldives clients in the maldives for overseas after-sales service, commissioning BZDYF150 drill, training local staff.

Drilling in the maldives is located in the island, cape coral, because underground terrain is very twists and turns, the internal depth is not enough, need to reverse circulation drilling, in the face of complex terrain, our service engineer adopts the model of steel pipe to follow normal drilling rig.

Binzhou rig due to the excellent performance and good performance in extreme conditions, well received by customers, this is the engineering drilling machine of binzhou drill Wells of independent research and development, showed again binzhou strong strength of the drill and product superiority.