China's Electricity Customers Our Rig

- Apr 22, 2020-

On January 16, 2020, China's electricity and led to my factory visit BZC400 drill, the sales manager Shi Hongyan warm reception of our water well drilling rig series products and detailed introduction.

Merchants to my factory production of drilling rig and the corollary equipment for field trips, read in detail the test situation of drilling machine and related equipment, our factory to my factory production process and product quality are very satisfied

I drill supporting complete, superior performance, and can achieve a variety of drilling technology, favored by users, increasing market orders at home and abroad. Our factory car rig can either mud drilling and form a complete set of air compressor DTH hammer, satisfying the requirements of customers of different geological drilling. Can hang a formal vehicle licence; With independent diesel engine installation, both can meet the requirements of drilling and can reduce fuel consumption, drilling operation and economic benefits.