Crawler Drill Work Matters Needing Attention

- Nov 12, 2019-

When crawler drilling rig is working, it is forbidden to remove the protective cover. Before the start of the work should be to check the reliability of the brake, and the performance of friction clutch and starting device. Motor did not stop the former liaoning rig inspection machine is prohibited. At work, it is strictly prohibited to tighten any parts of drilling rig. When running, it is forbidden to refuel, mast upper pulley refueling should be performed when to stop. Hydraulic drill is based on fluid mechanics, the drill so hydraulic drill in peacetime maintenance process need to pay attention to what? Below small make up just to talk to you. Hydraulic drill in the process of normal use and maintenance, and its hydraulic system is to guarantee the system to work properly, and effectively prolong the equipment service life, the important factors that car rig when use in order to prevent the pollution of hydraulic oil, the oil pollution is mainly refers to from the outside world with insoluble, such as air, water and dust and sediment. Hydraulic oil pollution in the drill, to a certain extent can effectively increase of relative motion parts in hydraulic components wear and tear, in use can be caused by the throttle hole blockage or vice stuck valve movement is the case, and will damage the oil chemical stability.

Should be determined when using binzhou new drill rig, drill before cutting (protect the shaft head) thread is also close to new turn a bad clasp is easy to damage the new drill pipe thread, causing leakage, such as card buckle, loose state. In using drill for drilling and digging, should first new button "grinding", this contains, wipe on thread oil first, and then use drilling machine to twist, in open clasp, in oil with thread to open again, so repeated three times, can avoid wear and card buckle. As far as possible to maintain drill pipe under the ground and on the ground in a straight line, so that we can avoid the threaded part of the lateral force and made, don't need to wear, and even jump buckle, pay attention to anchor drill avoid moving force in the construction is very important. Button should tighten slowly, reduce overheating wear. Every time the drilling machine button must be used when all torque twist, and often pay attention to the state of the clamping piece are in good condition. Shorten the distance of drill into the into the mouth, because of the lack of support, if drill pipe will make it easy to drill pipe advancing direction when bending deformation, cause the life cut short.

Drill has the difference between positive and negative circulation, in use are circulating drilling rig, there are some problems needs attention, small make up for the six problems about together with everybody. Use positive cycle of rig note: host and winding to regularly check the oil level, if the lack of oil should be added in a timely manner. Liaoning rig work, should be ready to monitor electrical instrumentation, have abnormal sound, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, not to work, in spite of all the fasteners check to prevent loosening. Drilling speed should vary according to stratum situation, control host electric hydraulic drilling slowly in rated range. Hydraulic lever to slow, quick operation, if the car rig too fast will damage the components and operation risk. Operators should always check whether oil leak, be careful not to hang, tubing pressure, so as not to damage the influence the work. If is circulation drill for a long time stop, should will withdraw the or oil cylinder a cloth.