Drilling Equipment Maintenance Method

- Nov 19, 2019-

When rotating drill construction also notice to reduce wear and tear. Sprocket, roller, driving wheel and track link, these are all easy to wear and tear parts, but, according to the implementation of the daily inspection or not, there will be a big difference in degree. So, as long as a little take a little time for proper maintenance of oil drilling equipment, will be able to control its wear well. If in sprocket and roller part cannot continue to use, operation conditions may lead to slant roller mill, at the same time also can cause wear track link. If discover the drilling equipment manufacturer cannot work roller, must be repaired immediately! In this way, can avoid to cause other malfunction. If repeated over a long period of time walking and suddenly turned on sloping ground, can make the side rail link with the driving wheel and the side of the guide wheel contact, thus increase the degree of wear and tear. Therefore, we should avoid walking on the sloping area and suddenly turned to as much as possible. Straight line and turn, which can effectively prevent wear and tear.

Drilling equipment maintenance methods: change gear oil and add grease: winter weather is dry, especially site geological condition is complex, more should be timely change gear oil and add lubricant. While adding lubricant, abrasion of check, and change in time, the internal cleaning. Check whether there is any leakage on the hydraulic system: for most crawler drill, anchor drilling machine, hydraulic system is used as main components, hydraulic system and its important role. Winter low temperature especially, engineering machinery hydraulic system of the seal will appear heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon, easy to cause leakage, often can cause certain influence to the normal operation of hydraulic system. To avoid leakage of hydraulic system fault, before entering the winter will be seal of the hydraulic system a system of inspection, oil drilling equipment replacement parts of seal leakage in a timely manner. Other maintenance projects: check the chassis bolt, nut fastening, key check whether there is any loose or missing on steering system bolt. Check each circuit wiring of the engineering machinery equipment aging.

Drilling equipment is automatic telescopic derrick, with two high strength oil cylinder, a set of hydraulic valve to control the rig lie on your back, the operating time, safe and reliable, and on the limit for the user to create benefits. Chassis adopts rubber tracks, lighter weight, lower life cycle cost, can reduce the noise of the vehicle running gear, reduce the vibration of the body, can significantly reduce fuel consumption, can the road does not hurt to walk the road in the city. Chassis with four high strength thread leg (or hydraulic) high leg fast and convenient to install, can be used for work surface leveling, loading and unloading car hoisting cost efficiency, work can be used as auxiliary support drilling equipment manufacturer. Greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators, especially in cold season, diesel engine starting difficulty, showed significantly more advantages. Pump flow rate, pressure big, easy to maintenance, spare parts all over the country and convenient purchase.