Drilling Rig Maintenance Needs To Be Carried Out On A Regular Basis

- May 23, 2019-

Drilling rig three aspects to carry out, if found abnormal conditions, should be timely diagnosis and take improvement measures.

First, the maintenance of the filter element: The filter element acts as a filter of impurities in the oil or gas circuit, preventing it from entering the inside of the system and causing faults, the various filters should be replaced regularly in accordance with the requirements of the (operation and maintenance manual), when replacing the filter, it should be checked for metal attached to the old filter, if metal particles are found, should be diagnosed and improved in a timely manner

Use a pure filter element that complies with machine regulations.

Second, grease management: The use of lubricants (butter) reduces wear on the moving surface and prevents noise.

Grease storage and storage, can not be mixed with dust, sand, water and other impurities, it is recommended to use lithium-based grease G2-L1, anti-wear performance is good, suitable for heavy duty conditions, filling, as far as possible to squeeze out all the old oil and wipe clean, to prevent sand adhesion.

Third, fuel management: Different grades of diesel fuel should be selected according to different ambient temperatures, diesel oil should not be mixed with impurities, ash and water, otherwise it will cause premature wear of the fuel pump, high levels of paraffin and sulfur in inferior fuel, which will cause damage to the engine, and the fuel tank should be filled with fuel after daily operation to prevent water droplets from the inner wall of the tank. The water-release valve at the bottom of the fuel tank is opened before daily work.