How To Choose The Construction Site Of The Drilling Machine

- May 31, 2019-

    For the drilling machine construction work, if you want to make the drilling process more smooth when the selection of the right location is essential, which fundamentally determines the efficiency of drilling, the following small editor to introduce to you how to select the well-drilling lot.

    Well-drilling machine Well-drilling machines choose to drill places, should try to avoid the choice of suburban or smaller towns or rural areas, because these places sewage or drainage facilities are not sound enough so easy to pollute the water quality of wells. And some suburbs or village areas will have some farmland or vegetable land and today's crops have to apply fertilizer and pesticides, so these pesticides and fertilizers in the land is not easy to decompose the words will be with the water into the groundwater, so we should drill wells as far away from the contaminated areas.

If there is farmland or vegetable land around, drilling machine can not avoid the case is recommended to drill deeper and around to do impermeable treatment, can use hollow cement column to form isolation methods, etc.

     Well-drilling machine In addition, well-drilling machine to choose the well-drilling lot must pay attention to avoid stones, because the underground situation is complex and changeable, the underground layer shallow (within a few thousand meters) is layered, there may also be folds fracture dwelling and other special geological phenomena, It is difficult to use the underground situation of an area to describe the underground geology of a particular location if it is not a fixed location.