How To Correctly Use And Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

- Nov 13, 2019-

How to correctly use the water well drilling rig? Highlighted here about engineering drawing type drill factory use of the note. After water into the drill, general provisions about 60 hours of period (some called the running-in period), which is according to the technical characteristics and regulation of water well drilling rig used early. Drill in the running-in period for a long time overload use, causing the machine early failure occurs frequently, which not only affect the normal use of the machine, shorten the service life of the machine, but also because the machine is damaged, affect the construction schedule, do more harm than good. Therefore, the period of use and maintenance of the water well drilling rig should arouse sufficient attention. The characteristics of water well drilling rig period: 1. Wear faster. Due to the new machine parts processing, assembly and adjustment, the influence of such factors as the friction surface is rough, cooperate with the surface contact area is lesser, uneven surface pressure condition, speed up the parts with surface wear. 2. Bad lubrication. Traction type drill brand because of the new assembly parts fit clearance is small, and due to reasons such as assembly, it is difficult to guarantee the uniformity of fit clearance, lubricating oil (grease) in less friction surface uniform oil film formation, thus reduce the lubrication performance, caused part of the early abnormal wear and tear. 3. Less dense.

Drill has the difference between positive and negative circulation, in use are circulating drilling rig, there are some problems needs attention, small make up for the six problems about together with everybody. Use positive cycle of rig note: host and winding to regularly check the oil level, if the lack of oil should be added in a timely manner. Jiangsu traction type drill work, should be ready to monitor electrical instruments, have abnormal sound, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, not to work, in spite of all the fasteners check to prevent loosening. Drilling speed should vary according to stratum situation, control host electric hydraulic drilling slowly in rated range. Hydraulic lever to slow, quick operation, if the project drawing type drill is too fast will damage the components and operation risk. Operators should always check whether oil leak, be careful not to hang, tubing pressure, so as not to damage the influence the work. If is circulation drill for a long time stop, should will withdraw the or oil cylinder a cloth.

Operating personnel should receive training and guidance from the manufacturer, the structure of drilling rig, the performance have a full understanding, and get some experience before operating the machine for operation and maintenance. With the: "peration &maintenance manual of manufacturers to provide products, are the essential data of operating equipment, operator before operating the machine, be sure to read the instruction in operation and maintenance, according to the specification requirements for operation and maintenance. Pay attention to brand traction type drill period work load, working load running-in period generally not more than 80% of the rated load, and to arrange suitable work, prevent the machine from overheating caused by long time continuous operation. Pay attention to always observe the instructions in the instrument, abnormal, should be ruled out, to stop the reason was not found, the fault before has not been ruled out, should stop work. Pay attention to regularly check the oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid, and fuel oil level and quality, and pay attention to check the sealing of the engine. Check found in the engineering drawing type drill oil water without too much, cause should be analyzed. At the same time, should strengthen all lubricating points lubrication, suggest in the running-in period, per shift to inject grease lubrication points. Keep the machine clean, timely adjustment, tighten loose parts. End of the period, the machine for maintenance, inspection and adjustment work, at the same time pay attention to the oil replacement.