How To Maintain The Well Drill Rig?

- Jun 02, 2019-

1. Always pay attention to check the water pipe road, drilling rig parts of the bolts, nuts are solid

2. Always pay attention to check the condition of the lubricant of the wind motor

3. When the face is immersed in water, the opening should be inserted with a large diameter brazing head, inserted into the drill pipe, so that the drill pipe surface 1-2 meters, to prevent mud and rock slag from falling into the hole

4. Drilling rig in drilling operation does not allow noon reversal to avoid drilling pipe fall into the hole

5. When the drilling rig stops working in a short period of time, it should give a small amount of pressure gas, so as not to invade the inside of the drilling rig shocker, such as long-term stop drilling rig operation, the impactor lift from the bottom of the hole 1-2 meters to be fixed

6. Work should pay attention to the sound of the impactor and the operation of the gear box, found abnormal sound and phenomenon should be stopped immediately, and timely inspection

7. When adding new drill pipe, pay attention to keep clean inside the drilling to avoid sediment mixing into the inside of the drill impactor, damage drilling rig parts

8. At the end of each shift, the dirt on the surface of the engineering drilling rig shall be cleared in time, except for normal handling, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble and unload on the working surface

9. Drilling drill pipe joints and reducer with butter lubrication

10. The exterior surface wipes clean, and pays attention to the cleaning and good lubrication of the surface such as the base slide of the drilling rig, the shaft, etc.

11. Requires filling with lubricant or grease

12. Check the oil surface position of the transmission, the powerbox and the hydraulic system tank

13. Remove the chuck and clean the kava and kava.If there is damage should be replaced in a timely manner

14. Clean the filter in the tank and replace the degraded or dirty hydraulic oil

15. Check the integrity of the main components, if damage should be replaced in a timely manner, not injured work 16. If the rig is not in use for a long time, the exposed parts (especially the appearance of the processing table) should be greased