Knowledge Of Drilling Rig

- Nov 08, 2019-

Commonly used rotary drilling rig, which is circulating mud flushing disc drill by tower, hoist, rotary table and drilling tools, mud pump, faucet and motor, etc. Oil rig operations, engine through the transmission device driven turntable, driven by active tool bit at 30 ~ 90 RPM speed rotation and broken rock strata. After the mud by the mud pump suction pressure pressure into the hollow rod through drill pipe at the top of the faucet, down into the drill bit, by the gate, with cooling and lubricating bit; Downhole cuttings was out of the mouth of the well through the perimeter of the drill pipe channels, rig manufacturer after precipitation tank, mud flow back into the mud pit for cycle use. Reverse circulation drilling mud well-flushing disc drilling RIGS way and the structure and the basic same, but the mud circulation way of the opposite: mud after settling basin precipitation from the mouth of the well to flow into the bottom hole, carrying cuttings of mud by sand pump through a bit nozzle through the suction pipe inner cavity up well, back to the tank. This way according to pump suction reverse circulation. Also available water pump pressurized water from bottom hole through the nozzle into the pipe inner cavity, formed to carry cuttings up water, said the jet reverse circulation.

1,binzuan rig receiver signal strength only when cannot construction? In some construction, due to the over sonde depth distance, or because of interference around, sometimes happen on the receiver only signal strength, and clock face, dip Angle and other parameters are not. At this time whether can't construction? Actually otherwise, experienced construction personnel, according to the signal peak valley values to determine the location of the sonde roughly, compared with drilling axis deviation, look to whether through the subsequent operations, such as reducing depth gradually returned to normal state of the signal to send and receive. 2, when using mud please clear the pipe in the mud, if drill pipe internal residual mud, then on the mud by skin easily cut wire sonde burned. 3, rig manufacturer of cable guide the construction of cable guide the construction of some of the details, in the middle of the thread is very critical, we usually choose 6 square in the trenchless construction of wire, wire on the market generally have 19 core hard line, as well as the soft line of 100 core, we should choose soft wire for construction.

Binzuan sinker is divided into two one is will hit together with rotary drilling water well drilling rig, such as pneumatic DTH hammer drill. DTH hammer drill is made up of cylinder liner and piston. Provided by high pressure air compressor air driven piston reciprocating movement up and down, drill bit to enhance the ability of drilling rock bit. At the same time, the drilling tools to 35 ~ 60 RPM low speed for rotary motion. By the upper and lower piston cavity exhaust air into the drill bit, and debris out of the mouth of the well bottom of the hole. Oil rig can be used in the hard rock of deep well drilling, drilling speed is high, the drill hole is straight. Another kind is on the basis of the wheel rotary drill impact mechanism, give priority to with rotary drilling, when meet pebble bed with percussion drilling of amphibious water well drilling rig, strong adaptability to various stratum.