Large Trailer Rig Manufacturer

- Sep 30, 2019-

We know that the trailer rig is fixed, the torque rod torque value is how come of is made up of those factors? Small make up also learned after consulting the technology factors, which affect the drill rod torque value consists of the following ways, are now learning to sell: drill rod torque value of the rod body is mainly composed of drill pipe specifications, material and tool joint forms, and the change of the production process the performance of the different conclusion. The change value is because of the different materials and process, drilling depth of the drill pipe and drill pipe of torque is related, but not by the drill stem torque to determine the depth of drilling, should choose according to different geological conditions and suitable for large trailer rig drill pipe, drill bit type to determine the drilling depth. So since the output torque of the drill pipe and drill choose good, according to the geological condition choose corresponding pipe after, choose good matching of bit can construction. Of course these are all theoretical data, in the process of construction of concrete problems and concrete analysis.

Bit is one of the important of drilling water well drilling rig drilling tools, can not drill, large trailer rig can't normal boot production, this shows the importance of the bit in the water well drilling rig. For different types of water well drilling rig equipment, supporting different bit is needed in production, water well drilling rig equipment in choosing a bit, you should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, the drillability better production of soft rock, the study of fast, need to select rows of slag and slag discharge quality higher amount, is to choose the shape of the four wings. 2, in the hard rock belongs to the production, due to large rock strength, every column teeth and bit needs lines under high load, so you need to select the bit body and column of the bit teeth with high strength. 3, when contain clay rock drill, because the clay is relatively poor, slag discharge hole often appear jams phenomenon, can choose side discharge bit. 4, trailer rig manufacturer in toughness good rock drill, you can choose this tooth bit, in order to ensure safety in production.

Trailer rig remove principle is generally after the first, first after the demolition. Rig accessories remind is disassembled should pay attention to the following: open the gas, liquid and water piping excuse for seals shall be, keep the drill pipe and the outlet clean, avoid clutter. Drill is disassembled fasteners should be separate packing and label marked or load special packing box. Used for the connection screw, nut should be separate packing, avoid high strength screw, nut and other screw, nut, confusion. Air system software should avoid to be stained with oil, the pipeline external thread used clean plastic cloth bandage, avoid thread and keep the tube clean bruised. Large trailer rig disassembly and assembly, fall off, are forbidden to touch, in order to avoid damage to the parts. If you need more long-distance transportation or stored for a long time, should make processing of rain, moisture, rust, and produce packaging packaging, fill in the packing list. All equipment within the liquid (oil and water) shall be drained.