Low Temperature Environment Using Drill Problems Need Attention

- Nov 01, 2019-

Water well drilling is influenced by the weather is more serious, especially in cold winter, low temperature increased the difficulty of the drilling work, then use the drill in low temperature environment need to pay attention to what issues? Drill is supported to take advantage of the triangle, to guarantee support is firm and reliable, construction personnel regularly check the support part, found hidden danger in time. Caterpillar DTH drilling rig in the case of low temperature must be carefully monitoring reliability. Claim to the site, site to level off, the road to clear; Because in the low temperature environment, the land will become stiff, so make sure this point. Pay attention to fire prevention, fire fighting equipment configuration is reasonable, conform to the requirements of the fire. Also cannot ignore the fire protection problems in low temperature environment, due to the low temperature, heat preservation measures of employees to do, so as to guarantee the drilling workers to be able to maintain good working condition. DTH drilling rig manufacturer with low temperature for water well drilling rig work will bring certain influence, water well drilling rig manufacturer to remind everybody, pay attention to the insulation, pay attention to safety. That is water well drilling in low temperature work note, hope to be of help.

Positive cycle of drilling, downhole cuttings was out of the mouth of the well through the perimeter of the drill pipe channels, after precipitation tank, mud flow back into the mud pit for cycle use. Reverse circulation drilling machine is working, mud from the mouth of the well to flow into the bottom hole after settling basin precipitation, DTH drill cuttings to carry mud is in gansu province by sand pump through a bit nozzle through the suction pipe inner cavity up well, back to the sink to the tank. Rising drill in the drill pipe to form a high velocity, strong ability to discharge of cuttings and pebble, drilling speed, applicable to the soil, sand and pebble diameter less than loose strata of drill pipe inside diameter. The drilling depth is in commonly 150 meters. Pneumatic rotating disc drill wash well. On the wheel rotary drilling rig with air compressor instead of mud pump, the use of compressed air instead of mud to wash well. Usually adopts the reverse circulation method of hydraulic power head drill. Caterpillar DTH drill driven by hydraulic motor through the gear reducer, and to move up and down the tower of power head instead of rotating disc on the rig rotary table and faucet, drive drill pipe and drill rotating cutting rock. To drill large diameter water well.

Water well drilling rig are mechanical products, the power is the primary factor, the stand or fall of gansu DTH drill a motor directly affect its life. China imported engines and engine both in performance and in the above price has a larger gap, so to compare is the configuration of the engine, the influence of various index of the water well drilling rig is big. Then there is water well drilling rig work underwater, it gives the user experience is also very important. My company production of water well drilling rig in order to use the needs of different stratum drilling, further enhance the drilling efficiency, aquatic products are multi-purpose drilling rig and hydraulic transmission and the direction of operation; When DTH drill manufacturers can achieve a drill equipped with a variety of equipment and accessories, can use impingement, rotary and DTH hammer drilling a variety of ways; Also can use mud washing well, compressed air wash well and is, reverse circulation washing well, etc.