Maintenance And Maintenance Of Filter Elements In Well Drilling Rigs

- Jun 05, 2019-

       Well drilling rig contains a lot of supporting equipment, filter is one of them, filter element in the role of the well drilling rig is very important, so the filter of the well drilling rig needs to be very good maintenance. The main role of the filter in the well drilling rig is, filter the oil or gas way in the drilling rig impurities, filter out the impurities, can be very good to prevent impurities from invading into the well drilling rig, causing production failure, but the filter in the production process, also need to be regularly replaced, to keep the filter filter clean,

       can better normal play a role. Well drilling rig filter in the replacement, need to pay careful attention to prevent the replacement of the problem, in the replacement time, need to carefully check whether there is metal attachment in the filter, if found in the metal particles, need to take timely diagnosis and improvement measures, the use of pure filter in line with the provisions of the well drilling rig, Maintain the stability and safety of normal production of well drilling rigs.